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Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman Glucose Scott Hanselman

Niner since 2004

Scott Hanselman blogs here http://www.hanselman.com/blog/ and tweets here http://www.twitter.com/shanselman and podcasts here: http://www.hanselminutes.com

  • Azure API Apps 101 with Guang Yang
  • Microsoft Hyperlapse in Azure Media Services with Adarsh Solanki
  • Azure Service Fabric and the Actor Model with Mark Fussell
  • Azure Key Vault with Amit Bapat
  • Azure Service Fabric 103 - Lifecycle Management
  • Azure Service Fabric 101 - Introduction
  • Azure Service Fabric 102 - Reliable Services
  • Performance Testing Web Applications with Manas Maheshwari
  • Performance Testing Web Applications from Visual Studio Enterprise with Manas Maheshwari
  • Building the Viral Site "Twins or Not" with Mat Velloso

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