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  • Auto History Extension

    @MarkWT: Hi Mark. Thanks for the reply. I understand the distinction you want to make/keep between source control and auto-history. However...

    Maybe it is just the way I work, but source control check-in for me (I use VS online TFS) tends to happen when major chucks of functionality have been completed, breaks, dawning incompetence, or at the end of the day. I tend not to check-in then out each time I decide to 'experiment' or when I have one of those lovely stretches where the code just falls out of my fingers and into the keyboard ;)

    It is the granularity of your auto-history which appeals, its informality, its appeal as a safety net when I have one of my free-form jazz-code odyssey moments...

    I've also assumed (again) that as auto-history keeps an eye on around 72 hours of code it would be useful to gain access to that fine-grained history across my various development machines rather than the more gate-kept lumps managed by TFS.

    Am I making sense or talking tosh?


  • Auto History Extension

    Ok, keeping in mind the old Benny Hill sketch about when you assume, "u" make an "*" out of "me"; assuming the developers have signed the usual NDA (knowingly or not), synchronising via personal OneDrive accounts would surely keep the copyright lawyers happy in terms of personal accountability (for leaks)?

    Scenario: Long hard frustrating blind cul-de-sac day at the office. Light bulb moment during the commute home. Auto-history to the rescue... laptop back home; point proved; restful sleep follows...

    Go on, add the feature... ;)


  • Auto History Extension

    If this could sync my AutoHistory between my development machines using my OneDrive account I would be a very happy little developer :)