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GoddersUK GoddersUK My five year mission: To boldly split infinitives that no Niner has split before!
  • Microsoft should open-source Windows XP

    @IPowerPanda: No. When you bought it you knew support was ending now. That was the deal, you didn't have to buy it. Microsoft owes nobody anything.

    EDIT: And, FTR, MS are continuing to provide support if you wish to pay for it.

  • Controlling bandwith on wireless AP

    Is something like Fon suitable?


    It looks like you have three levels of access:

    You (owner), guests (free usage) and randomers (paid hotspot).

    I've used fon hotspots before, but never had one on my own network. At least one major ISP here (BT) distributes them as part of their packages though. 


  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    @LizardRumsfeld: I think it's pretty clear who doing the hating here. It's like drinking vinegar for some...


    Wow... lighten up, it was just an excuse to use a pun.

  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    , Lizard​Rumsfeld wrote


    Win8 "whiners" (a derisive term btw for Win8 critics which I think can now be safely retired)

    How about "h8rs"?

  • LinkedIn privacy policy update

    , blowdart wrote

    This is one example of the things that can happen.

    Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio says he was approached by NSA agents about establishing direct access to Qwest's call records without a FISA warrant. Nacchio declined, thinking the program was illegal. Subsequent leaks showed Qwest as the only phone company that declined to participate in the program. The retaliation was immediate: Nacchio says Qwest lost government contracts in the following months (although some contest this), and the business started to collapse. Just a few years later, Nacchio was brought up on insider trading charges, a prosecution he maintains was political payback. T

    That's flipping messed up. Disgusting.

  • Is Windows Update for XP sabotaged?

    , Bass wrote

    No new version of Windows has really fundamentally changed or improved how people interact with their computers. Therefore there was never really any need to move off of good ol' Windows XP for most people, hence why the market is the way it is.

    As someone who has to use an XP machine almost daily at work I can't begin to tell you how unbelievably wrong (the bolded section of) that statement is. For starters, several times a day I try and type into the start menu...

    Sure, it may not be worth upgrading for the sake of upgrading on a personal machine unless your hardware dies if you're an extremely un-power user but there's certainly no good reason to avoid upgrading if the opportunity arises.

  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    But April fools days was yesterday :S

  • Has Google lost its April 1st mojo?


    "Microsoft announced the date for the end of Windows XP support back in 2007, so I've had a lot of time to plan my next move," said Clippy.

    Well at least someone's ready for XP EOL...

  • Is Windows Update for XP sabotaged?

    @cheong: I did a bit of reading on this - as far as I can tell ATMs in EMV (chip+pin) using countries typically do use EMV these days BUT because of the way they swallow your entire card they can still easily clone the mag stripe data and use your card in the States, or on a fall-back transaction that doesn't use the chip. It would be better if they had a chip and pin reader more like a POS terminal where you don't insert the mag stripe enough for them to read it.


    Effectively one of the biggest holes in the EMV system (most, but not all, of the "exploits" to EMV seem to rely on this, at least) is that the bank will still allow transactions that either haven't been authorised by the chip (mag strip, I'm not really thinking of card not present fraud here - that's a whole other kettle of fish) or where the chip confirms the card has been used but that the transaction hasn't been validated by pin (chip + sign or similar). It would make the system far more secure if the bank only allowed card present transactions when the chip has cryptographically confirmed both the transaction and the pin to the bank. The only inconvenience would be that people traveling between Europe/the US would have to have separate cards for each.

    And then add proper two factor authentication for card not present transaction (easy to do, they already send out dongles for internet banking) and we'd be on our way to safer banking.

  • Has Google lost its April 1st mojo?

    I'm desperately hoping this is an April fool: