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RetiredNiner GoddersUK
  • Why does Windows think it knows better than me?

    , figuerres wrote

    this may not be the popular answer but what about making sure your updates are done and you reboot *before* any big presentation?

    how hard is it to say :  Hey I will need my system on tomorrow at 2pm, need to make sure in the morning to re-boot after checking for any updates.

    I wish I was 100% organised 100% of the time. I'm not.

    the reboots are always after an update, the updates do not happen at random times of the day. unless you never let them run at night and only turn on the pc just before the meeting starts.

    I tend to turn my PC off when it's not in use (like when I'm asleep), unless I have a specific reason to leave it on (like making a large download).

    The fact that shutdown and restart are no longer the same makes matters worse here, because my routine of shutting down no longer provides an opportunity for the updates to install (except at inconvenient times when I want the PC off as quickly as possible (say, to move it) when it decides to only give me the option to shut-down and install.. clearly Windows is self aware and hates me :P).

    , vesuvius wrote


    Only Zero day security exploits should force a computer to restart, most people would accept that if it happened from time to time.

    I still think the risk/benefit analysis is for me to make, here. It's my PC, I'm the one that's at risk.

    in recent terror attacks the Police have been wearing masks to avoid identification, so the security of Windows is a heavy burden and something that must be taken seriously.

    I don't even get what you mean here...

    This auto restart reminds one of HAL9000, "Open the Doors HAL!".

    My old laptop's network name as HAL9000. The current one is GLADOS :P

    , figuerres wrote


    right, like the other day when I was giving a presentation... I went to the conf room about an hour before time and fired up the laptop, it did an update rebooted and then I logged back in and got some files ready and logged oout till time to do the presenting.

    That does not work where, for instance, many presenters are presenting consecutively, on their own PCs with a short break between them. I also wouldn't trust my Windows updates to be complete within an hour. Usually they are, but I wouldn't want to rely on it.

    but I also see some simple ways to handle a lot of this.

    Again, I wish I was 100% organised 100% of the time. I am not. Most people are not. Good software will work with us on that fact.

    And what about all the "non-technical" people?

    , cheong wrote

    If you need to present the day after "Update Tuesday", chances are you'll see the update as soon as you connect it to a network.

    Thankfully it does usually wait a few days before it tries to force the retarts on us. For now, at least...

  • Why does Windows think it knows better than me?

    , cheong wrote

    @GoddersUK: Time to change the update setting to just notify me when found new update and let me choose when to install. Just don't install the updates in the middle of your work (like what I did) and you should be fine.

    That won't exist in Windows 10. Besides, I'd rather not have the hassle of having to manually update - I'd just like the option to turn of automatic restarts (ideally always, but at least when the prompt comes up.

  • Why does Windows think it knows better than me?

    Who on earth thought this was a good idea? I could be giving a presentation, doing something time critical, completing a job that must be uninterrupted (running some kind of data analysis script that I would have to restart from the beginning, for instance) or I could have left my computer running unattended to complete a task. But Windows know that now would be a great time to restart to install updates. At least it gives me a warning, eh?

  • Issues about my phone nokia lumia

    Is your APN set correctly for your network?


  • Who designed your internal network?

    Looks like the UK government are going for... Ernst and Young :S

    GDS wrote:

    We've brought in Ernst & Young to help us explore the possibilities. Reconfiguring our internal networks to free up addresses carries a cost, so we need to account for that, and we're keen to keep our public services running without disruption if we do transfer them.  So there is much to consider.

    Getting an accountancy firm to design your technology infrastructure... yep, that makes sense!

    This is a particular shame as the GDS have, in the past, demonstrated themselves to be one of the more technologically sane branches of the UK government. :(

  • There Is No Spoon

    @Bass: Don't tell PETA...

  • There Is No Spoon

    I turn polar bears white
    and I will make you cry.
    I make guys have to pee
    and girls comb their hair.
    I make celebrities look stupid
    and normal people look like celebrities.
    I turn pancakes brown
    and make your champane bubble.
    If you sqeeze me, I'll pop.
    If you look at me, you'll pop.
    Can you guess the riddle?


  • There Is No Spoon

    Or has someone cracked C9/WL ID security?

  • There Is No Spoon

    Is there some kind of contagious, incoherency inducing, disease that can spread through internet fora on the loose?

  • background checkers

    You can check my background if you like... my desktop background.

    (sorry... I couldn't resist the joke)