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RetiredNiner GoddersUK
  • A decent, incremental online backup system

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    My main reasons for making backups are in case of theft or disk failure so I'm not really concerned about file history.

    My reason for wanting file history is concern over what should happen if (God forbid) I were to get cryptolockered, or similar.

  • A decent, incremental online backup system

    @Kryptos:Ha! I don't that's really for single machine backup! Can you install the Azure backup service on a non-server OS?

    Currently I've downloaded the trial of crashplan, I'll see how that goes.

  • A decent, incremental online backup system

    @spivonious: Is that FAQ for personal or pro?

  • A decent, incremental online backup system

    @spivonious: The website is a bit ambiguous about this for the personal version. As far as I'm concerned when I'm paying for the space I'm going to choose what I put in it.

    CrashPlan looks like it might do what I want, though.


    Carbonite wrote:

    1. What does Carbonite back up?

    All Personal plans back up the following types of files in your Users folders:*

    • Photos
    • Documents
    • Settings
    • Music
    • Videos**

    *Any file over 4 GB must be manually added to your backup.

    **Video files are backed up automatically with the Prime plan. They can be added to your backup manually on a Basic or Plus plan.

    Personal Plus and Prime plans also back up:

    • External hard drives
    • Operating system and software programs

    Operating system and software programs are included in Mirror Image backup, which creates a full-system backup to a local drive.

  • System Refresh

    Once you've got your clean install done take a disc image. Windows 8 manages to hide this feature like hell, but it's still built in (File History, System image backup hiding in the bottom left corner):

    Edit: Of course this is only any good when making a clean install (unless you want to specifically restore all your user files/applications in this way too)

  • A decent, incremental online backup system

    @spivonious: Carbonite's personal plans seem pretty restricted on what they can actually back up (without backing up a complete disk image) and a lot of my work-related data is pretty obscure formats. They also delete old incremental backups of files after 30 days (at least once they've been deleted from the PC).

  • A decent, incremental online backup system

    Dropbox for business looked like a sure solution... but I have to pay for a minimum of 5 users. How retarded.

  • A decent, incremental online backup system

    It seems SpiderOak does this: https://spideroak.com/faq/questions/6/does_spideroak_keep_multiple_versions_of_files/

    Although an individual or programme with physical access to my device could seemingly easily cause me to loose access to my files for ever :S

  • A decent, incremental online backup system

    My recent experience got me thinking about my backup practices, and I decided I should probably improve on my current practice of manual, ad hoc backups to external hard drives and duplicating important data onto SkyDrive etc.

    My "important" data is currently over 50GB, so I'm going to have to pay for online backup. That's fine. (Most of it isn't privacy sensitive so cloud is fine.) But it means I want something that suits my requirements.

    All the standard cloud storage options are out (Skydrive, Dropbox etc.) (and, amazingly, even most/all of the dedicated backup providers!) because they don't offer incremental "file history" type backups (or, at least, won't keep them for more than 30 days or so). This seems to be absurd to me - incrementality is one of the key features I look for in a back up: even my ad hoc copies to an external hdd are stored by date.

    The best solution I've encountered so far is to point Windows' File History to a dropbox/skydrive folder: but that requires a second internal (or permanently connected external) harddrive to be convenient. (Volume shadow copy used to store the backups alongside the file and while I think it's good that Microsoft have enabled this option for external backups it's annoying that they force these onto a separate hard drive and have disabled the option to store the old revisions alongside the file.)

    So can anyone suggest a decent, cloud-based solution that will store incremental backups of my data online. File history for the cloud, as it were.

  • Interesting Items from CES

    @cheong: The weren't being forced to buy a Windows license for every system they shipped, they were paying estimated reparations/punitive damages for shipping unlicensed software. If they'd been shipping licensed software they wouldn't have been subjected to inaccurate estimates.

    Perhaps Microsoft once did require those who benefited from bulk OEM licensing to pay a fee for every computer they shipped, Windows or no, but extraordinary claims require (extraordinary) evidence.