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GoddersUK GoddersUK A is A.
  • crazy anti-cop culture.

    , wkempf wrote


    Sorry, while I'll agree with most of what you said, I can't agree here. Police officers are putting their lives on the line. Someone resisting arrest has upped the likelihood of injury or death to the officer high enough that it may well warrant extreme behavior on the part of the officer.

    That is not inherently the case. If I resist arrest by trying to punch the police officer in the face, by all means they should have the leeway to use necessary force. If I resist arrest simply by being uncooperative then no. I pose no risk.

    We have to be very careful about authorising use of force outside cases where there's a clear danger to officer or public safety because it's not for the officer to punish you for resisting arrest, that's an extra item for the charge sheet.

    But the sentiment that the cops were automatically out of line in these situations is troublesome.

    The police wield state sanctioned force, a higher level of scrutiny is appropriate. Yes, there are questions about how much that should translate into liability for individual officers vs. the department as an institution, but every time the state engages in lethal, or near-lethal, force that is grounds to investigate.

    Perhaps there's a cultural difference because, over here, if an officer so much as discharges a firearm there's a massive investigation; let alone if the police are involved (directly or otherwise) in a death. (Our situation isn't directly comparable as our officers don't routinely carry firearms, but I think the difference in culture is still worth noting. Also, FWIW, even when we didn't have particularly strict gun controls in the UK rank and file police officers were never routinely armed.)


  • crazy anti-cop culture.

    , BitFlipper wrote

    However I think the police have reason to be unhappy in this case. They risk their lives every day to deal with criminals, but now suddenly they are portrayed as the criminals. In every one of these instances they were dealing with people that already had criminal records (or were in the process of committing some crime), but now those same criminals are portrayed as the innocent victims.

    They don't help themselves, in that case. Behaviour such as they've shown to De Blasio makes it sound like they're saying "we're above scrutiny, we're above accountability, our actions should not be questioned". By refusing to accept that there are questions over the way officers have handled recent high-profile incidents they're suggesting they either can't tell good policing from bad policing or just don't care. The (reported) response of many police officers to these cases seems to bely a basic ignorance of the concept of policing by consent; of the fact that they are policing for the people, not policing the people.

    And to all the people that point out that Eric Garner was committing a crime: get a sense of proportion. An interaction with a police officer for sale of untaxed cigarettes should not result in the death of the alleged offender, unless the offender initiates some form of violence. The police should not have a license to get away with any kind of behaviour to someone who poses no public danger simply for refusal to cooperate (including resisting arrest). Now it's possible his death was a horrible coincidence that couldn't be foreseen, we'll have to hear from the pathologists on that one, but it's right that the incident is heavily scrutinised (including by journalists).

  • Interesting Items from CES

    @ZippyV: They could have chosen a name that doesn't sound like it's going to be the number one cause of traffic accidents once released...

  • Interesting Items from CES

    @elmer: Beats sitting on the photocopier!

  • crazy anti-cop culture.

    , magicalclick wrote

    I think there could be few bad cops, that doesn't mean they are all bad.

    Unfortunately it looks to be the other way around. Recent events, such as the police protests against De Blasio, have shown that there's a culture in (some parts of) the (US) police that their actions shouldn't scrutinised and that they shouldn't have to face accountability for their actions. Even if the majority of officers believe themselves to be benevolent this is an unacceptable culture.

    This is despite the reality that they undoubtedly get an easy ride. Recently, for instance, we have seen two grand juries, whose standard of evidence is probable cause, reject to charge two officers in cases where there most likely was probable cause (Eric Garner and Michael Brown, the latter case is somewhat more questionable, but the process followed by the prosecutor has turned out to be so flawed the decision carries very little legitimacy).

    And what's going on this world? Was it always like this?

    No, it used to be worse. Contrary to what the media portray the world is getting better every day.


  • How to bookmark a blog?

    ctrl+D should do the trick...

  • A decent, incremental online backup system

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    My main reasons for making backups are in case of theft or disk failure so I'm not really concerned about file history.

    My reason for wanting file history is concern over what should happen if (God forbid) I were to get cryptolockered, or similar.

  • A decent, incremental online backup system

    @Kryptos:Ha! I don't that's really for single machine backup! Can you install the Azure backup service on a non-server OS?

    Currently I've downloaded the trial of crashplan, I'll see how that goes.

  • A decent, incremental online backup system

    @spivonious: Is that FAQ for personal or pro?

  • whats up with Neil Young.

    @cbae: Well why did you ask then?