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  • IE 9: Standards and ​Interoperab​ility

    Video played just fine for me in both Firefox and IE8 on Win7Ult 64, but ok.


    Maybe I'm a total n00b who's been doing this for a decade, but what are you guys doing in web development that is so innovative that it has such a problem with IE?  My sites/apps typically have no rendering problems in any browser, and I don't have to use hacks... just XHTML, CSS, jQuery, etc...  Of course, in the construction HVAC industry, I'm in a bit of a bubble.  85% of our visitors use IE and of those, 24% are still on IE6 even though I have a yellow-bar effect strongly suggesting that they upgrade.  We're lucky that some of our customers use email.


    That being said... yes, I'll put in another vote for border-image support.  I don't care much about canvas until there are tools that allow me to do what Flash or Silverlight can do in the same amount of time... not that it will really matter much to my bottom line, because I'll still need to buy Adobe CS Master Collection for everything else I do.