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Gravy Gravy
  • Changing passport account

    Hi guys,

    I'm liking the new C9, congrats Smiley

    Can you tell me if it is possible yet to change my profile to link it to a different passport account?



  • OneCare virus scanning ISO files

    Doesn't that just exlude one particular file? I want to tell OneCare to ignore ALL *.iso files.

  • OneCare virus scanning ISO files

    Hi there,

    I'm running the OneCare beta and when it does a Tune Up it seems to be scanning the .ISO files I have. Scanning these files seems to  make the Tune Up wizard run for days, often never finishing before I have to turn the machine off.

    Is it possible to exclude file types from OneCare's virus scan? I found the place to exlude individual files but not file types.

    Thanks for your help. 

  • Can WPF beused in a business App


    The reason I asked is that I am help plan our next major release of our enterprise app, and I would love to use WPF.


  • Can WPF beused in a business App

    I'm guessing the answer is yes, of course, but do you think WPF is currently at a stage to be used in business apps.

    I suspect the tools are letting WPF down at the moment for main stream development, am I right or wrong?

    Anyone using WPF for a line of business application right now?

    All the best for Christmas!


  • Localizing with a database or resx files

    Thanks for all your input.

    I looked over the Vista localization methods recently and it appears to be the same as .NET 2 and win forms. The mechanics might be a bit different but at the end of the day you end up with resource dll's that contain the localized content. Is this what other people think.

    Does this mean that I don't have to worry too much about locaized text, it is something that can be done near then end of the dev cycle? (I know the code will have to be culture aware though).

    I presume when Orcas is released it will have some language setting on the xaml files and automatically generate resx like resource files.


  • Localizing with a database or resx files


    I am looking in to writing a c# application in .NET 3.0 and localization has been highlighted as an issue.

    I haven't really written a localized app but I am aware of using resources and dotnets ability to choose the correct localized assembly when required.

    However, someone has suggested to me they would like to use a database in order to provide the localized strings. My first thought though would have been to use .NET resources. I can see the db approach would be more accessable to someone who didn't have any kind of resx editing tool (if there is such a thing), but I see that there is more to localization than just providing translated strings.

    Because of these conflicts of interest I wanted to ask everyones opinion:

    Is there a best practice doc anywhere?

    Has anyone localized an app using a database to provide the string and run in to problems?

    Are there tools out there to allow a non dev to manipulate .resx files when localizing?


    Any finally, the big question would have to be; does the current localization recommendation change if I target WPF?

    How are some of the enterprise dotnet apps out there localized? What about the Expression suite?



  • Expression Blend and application business objects


    I seem to recall that a while ago there was a C9 video on Sparkle (that's Blend right?), on the video they took a C# assembly that contained some kind of business object (let's pretend it was a Customer Tongue Out) and then bound the UI to properties on the object.

    Did I see that? Is it possible in Blend?

  • Volume license for Vista

    Where will we find the VLK and MAK, on the ms partner site?

    Will the MAK keys only work with Vista Enterprise or can they be used on the normal MSDN download of Vista?

    Sorry for all the questions.

  • Volume license for Vista

    Thanks for the info guys.

    Where as with windows XP and 2003 Server partners were given a VLK. Does anyone know what will happen for  Vista? We will (partners) get a VLK or a MAK.

    One more thing: Is it true that the KMS is part of Longhorn server? Is it available for Server 2003?