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  • Looking at XNA - Part One

    Can you include the transcripts from the video? I'm hearing impaired.


  • Office Communicator

    Hi. I'm hearing impaired so I have a question. About connecting a phone to a computer and hook up to VoIP, I don't think it will be compatible with a TTY (teletypewriter for the deaf and hard-of-hearing; sends/receives text over telephone via sound), am I correct? I don't really think it will make any sense to have TTY along with Office Communicator because in the Enterprise-sized workplace, others can IM me and don't have to use a telephone. There's IP-Relay (Relay that takes the place of me and speaks to the caller while I type and types back to me for a response from caller) out there for hard-of-hearing and deaf, so if I'm going to call a voice person outside the work place, then that's not a problem, since I don't have to dial 9 to get outside the line. It's "Internet-based."


    dotnetjunkie wrote:
    There is an Exchange Personal Edition on the Office 2003 setup CD. It's just not installed by default.

    What edition of Office 2003 do you have to have which came with Exchange Personal Edition? And where can I find it in CD?


    By the way, cool video, but without subtitles I can't understand what everyone's saying, except in some parts of the video I hear "butterfly," MSN, Communicator, Office, and that's far I can recognize.