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Greater Monster Greater Monster Deconstruct! (Jacques Derrida 1930-2004)
  • Has my mind gone?

    Steve411 wrote:
    Has MY mind gone?

    It seems we've both lost it Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

    Oh well..................

  • Has my mind gone?

    Here I sit, sunday afternoon, rainy outside, tinkering with my Windows Server 2003 and it's my idea of a having a good time (among other things, anyway).

  • Our hearts go out to London

    A monty phyton quote came to mind. To the terrorists I would like to say:

    'I fart in your general direction, you sons of a very silly person'.

  • Our hearts go out to London

    Cider wrote:
    littleguru wrote: History told us already that there is nothing good in war. 

    That's absolute rubbish.  There's lots and lots of great things that come out of war.  War is one of the world's greatest focusers of the mind.

    I'd say the negatives outweighs the positives. I'd happily do away with WW2 the internet to negate to effects. Progress goes faster in a peaceful environment. At least in theory because we never got around to try that.

  • Free training and certificates

    Union Jack wrote:
    desdemona wrote: free certificates in Microsoft ?'?
    I dont think so ...

    lol i'd have to agree on that one . Don't think Microsoft would hand ya some free certification .

    Big Smile Well, the Salesperson certificate isn't that hard to get and the only thing that actually costs Novell a bit is when you take a classroom training. It comes down to that they hand you info about what they got and tips on how to sell and to whom. It's more of a marketing/advertising-tool than training. I don't really believe that being a CLS 'gets you recognition from your peers' (as Novell tells you).
    But it would be nice (and fun - IT can be fun, can't it?) to become a Microsoft Certified Windows Salesperson (a MCW2K3S even Big Smile ) or something like that, complete with pdf's, presentations, videotraining etc. Just like it would be fun if Novell did a C9 project/site.

  • British study: schools can save by ditching Microsoft

    Dr Herbie wrote:

    The argument that business will change to OSS if all schools teach OSS doesn't help the first few cohorts of students leaving school to find work.

    Then again..... (if I may rephrase this quote)

    (the scene is 16th century Europe)
    The argument that the North-American areas will be profitable if people will migrate there doesn't help the first cohorts if migrants leaving Europe to create a profitable living.

  • Free training and certificates

    Novell has its free CNS and CLS training and certificates. It is a mix of promotion and salestraining the way I see it and I like it, despite that it does not have the value of CNE or MCSE type certifications (but hey, you get a nice logo Big Smile )

    Does Microsoft have such a thing as well?

  • Time remaining counter

    Yesterday I was at the Microsoft Technet/MSDN sessions in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) talking on this subject with two Dutch Microsoft developers and although they offered a few possibilities, they didn't have the answer anymore than non-Microsoft developers.
    Well, I give up (no, I don't, knowing myself). What caculation is used? Moving average? Data left to copy divided by the speed at that moment?
    Will I ever find the programmer that developed that routine. Stay tuned Wink

  • Time remaining counter

    I think your theory is better because the time can change during the copying of a file (as opposed the right or shortly after it). You see that even better when copying a single large file of the internet (assuming that uses that same calculation).

    A website filled with Microsoft developers, please answer, please Wink

  • Time remaining counter

    I can understand why it is impossible to give a exact time. Besides file sizes ect (which can be seen in advance) you also have a load of other factors the change during copying. If you copy and during the copy you start a program, there goes your estimate. Strictly speaking a change in outside temperature can influence the computers speed and thus the copy-speed.

    But somewhere someone decided that, although it would be an estimate, some calculation will be made.
    And what that calculation is, that is what I'd love to know.

    I think it is based on the copy-speed of the last completed file, based on the behavior of the estimate. But I am only halfway sure.