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Greater Monster Greater Monster Deconstruct! (Jacques Derrida 1930-2004)
  • Time remaining counter

    Can anyone tell me how the 'time remaining' counter while copying files in Windows works?
    That counter goes up and down, especially when the filesize differs greatly. That I can understand, each file has overhead and a lot of small files up the copy time.
    What I'd like to know is what the counter is exactly based on: the last copied files, data transferred in the last, say, 10 seconds, or maybe the last 10 files.

  • Happy New Years!

    Happy new year
    Lots of coding, geeking and whatever.

  • Your Help is Needed

    I've donated money and hope to donate more in the coming weeks.

    I see the numbers but I stopped counting.

  • When is Europe going to build an OS?

    eagle wrote:
    AMD doesn’t believe that!

    Oops, my bad Smiley

    Although CPU's are slightly diffrent. Job description for techies rarely specify for intel and/or AMD knowledge ('Intel required, AMD a plus').

    And indeed, it is not impossible.

  • When is Europe going to build an OS?

    eagle wrote:
    The PC grew up and Microsoft along with us did too, so how can we now say it’s a monopoly?

    It is a practical monopoly, just like that of Intel. Economically you have little choice besides Microsoft on an Intel-based PC. Any other choice takes extra time and effort because they are not Wintel. To qoute Depeche Mode:
    "It's a competitive world,
    Everything counts in large amounts".

    Suppose you lead a company. Virtually everyone you hire uses Windows at home. Sysadmins for non-Windows (N)OS'es are few and your present IT-force is likely Wintel trained. So what are you going to do? Wintel. Sure, there are exceptions and their small numbers prove the rule.

    Again, it is not Microsoft's fault or even original intention. Far into the 80's computermanufacturers were fighting it out with their own systems. One eventually had to prevail. That turned out to be Microsoft.

    How can we say it is a monopoly? Because it is in practice, it does not matter if Microsoft intended it that way. It is everywhere with little competition. The only competition of any kind survives because it needs no marketshare to exist. That is the strength of Linux.

  • I got Halo 2, how did you do this Christmas?

    CD (Patience by Peter Hammill)
    Coffee (Simon Levelt - good stuff, got the Arabian and the Amsterdam blend)
    Can of chocolates
    Book (Tibetan qoutes)

    So, no tech or geek stuff.

  • When is Europe going to build an OS?

    No way I will spend time writing an OS. Even if it was the best ever, userfriendly like you wouldn't believe and use so few resources it would run on a 386sx25, there is no way to get economically sound market share against Microsoft. I'd have a snowball's chance in hell.

    That's not even Microsoft fault. Blaming it on Microsoft is like blaming the media for mainly reporting bad news, sports and gossip. Years ago a news paper with only positive news was published: hardly anybody bought it, it went they way of the dodo and the Titanic.

    Microsoft is like Nike, Mercedes and Coca-Cola. It's a big name, people want it. And as long as the product works to a certain extent, people will keep wanting it.

    And even that is not criticism on consumerism, mass behavior etc. It is just the way it is. Maybe, in areas where Microsoft fails, keep kicking their virtual behinds until it hits home is the way to go. If you do it in a nice, respectful, relentless manner, it just might work.

    What about the monopoly? In principle the practical monopoly is a negative situation. However, I'd rather direct my energy on things going wrong in more important areas. If these are solved, I'll throw my weight (the full 100+ kilos off it) against Microsoft, I promise Wink

  • Crossing the Mississippi River

    That photo, there is a song in it, 'Crossing the River' by The 9 Guy. Maybe some deltablues or gospel.
    Or 'Rio Rio' by El Hombre 9 (texmex style).
    What about 'Passez le Mississippi' by Le Garcon 9 (cajun).

  • Favourite Sci Fi?

    Tensor wrote:
    I'm no fan of the various Trek flavours (I find the moralising self righteousness too annoying for words).

    Have to grant you that. Especially TNG had what I call 'the final five minutes' in which they rammed the moral of the story down your throat. I tend to skip when the plot was clear. In later seasons it was better and DS9 was a bit darker (and the least favorite among trekkies).
    Actually I am a book trekkie, I prefer the books which have much better plots, less moralizing and more artistic freedom. Especially the DS9 books turned out some good stuff. 'The 34rd rule' and 'A stitch in time' are very good - If you like to read books, I can recommend them. Oh, and the two audiobooks 'Spock vs. Q' are great, hilarious actually (they are performed live by Leonard Nimoy and John DeLancie).
    Of the original series I like some of the scenery, sometimes (unintended) eerie and unheimlich.

  • Favourite Sci Fi?

    Sven Groot wrote:
    I'm also greatly enjoying the new Battlestar Galactica. I'm downloading the episodes off BitTorrent because it'll probably get aired in the Netherlands in 2015, if at all. They haven't even aired the miniseries here yet.

    As far as my memory goes they, but that was when the world and I were young (early eighties), assuming we're talking about the same thing here.