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Greater Monster Greater Monster Deconstruct! (Jacques Derrida 1930-2004)
  • <​Kerry>​President&l​t;/Bush>

    manickernel wrote:
    In times like this, I will vote for a captain that knows his course, as much as I may disagree with it.

    Some will argue that he choose a course and will not check if it is the right one.

    Basically the idea is you can choose among two captains.

    Captain 1: I've choosen the course and we're on it.
    Sailor: Captain, iceberg up ahead.
    Captain 1: there was no iceberg when we set sail and I will stay on course.

    Captain 2: Let's see....
    Sailor: iceberg up ahead.
    Captain 2: hard left
    Sailor: shipwreck up ahead
    Captain 2: hard right (etc)

    Ramming the iceberg or losing your way: isn't having a choice splendid.

  • How to Hate Microsoft?

    thechris wrote:
    i'd like to see less deceptive adds from MS...  i saw another recent case study where:

    * 25 year old unix (linux?) mainfram was slower then a cluster of 3ghz p4s on win2003 server.  not that i think win2003 server is bad, but there is a slight hardware difference...
    * windows was found to be more friendly to developers because they don't have to program in assembly...  yes, that was the reason cited.  appently there are no C compilers for linux.  no gcc, no icc, no tcc, nothing at all.  you just gotta go for straight assembly, you are your own compiler...

    Yes, indeed. However, I tend to ingnore any studies from either side and even any independent report. Even if they are true beyond a doubt, they rarely have enough in common with situations I meet. Not that I don't read some, but I always keep in mind what I am doing and use it for reference, not basing any decision on it.

  • Don't miss the CarPC enthusiast video...

    5 years ago a colleague of mine had UTP cabling throughout his car (server in the trunk and a plug next to every seat). He'd love this.

  • Windows Scripting Learning Guide Chapter 4 and already stuck :(

    Thank you both, as you both had part of the solution.
    It turned out I had no administrative rights on comp1 as well. Also I should have used the comma. I was alternating between two scripts which were the expect for the comma and semicolon.
    I did use cscript but forgot to type it.

    Again thanks to both of you, I am back on track (and got a reminder from that typo and syntax error are a programmers' nightmare).

  • Summer of Express Winners!!!

    Sonic wrote:
    Sure hope so there's gonna be a competition next year. I might even have a chance then Wink

    Hear, hear!!

    I might even take a shot at it, although I've just started brushing up and expanding my limited programming skills.

  • Windows Scripting Learning Guide Chapter 4 and already stuck :(

    The following script is actually direct from the CD that came with the book (Microsoft Windows Scripting Self-Paced Learning Guide)

    Running it without arguments gives the correct message.

    When I give one or more arguments, it gives an error:
    pingmultiplecomputers.vbs(10,1) (null): 0x80041010

    This is the command:
    cscript pingmultiplecomputers.vbs computer1;computer2
    where computer1 is the local machine and computer2 a machine on the network. I have no administrator rights on computer2

    This is the script:
    If WScript.Arguments.Count = 0 Then
    WScript.Echo("You must enter a computer To ping")
    strMachines = WScript.Arguments.Item(0)
    aMachines = split(strMachines, ",")
    For Each machine In aMachines
    Set objPing = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}")._
    ExecQuery("select * from Win32_PingStatus where address = '"_
    & machine & "'")
    For Each objStatus In objPing
        If IsNull(objStatus.StatusCode) or objStatus.StatusCode<>0 Then
        WScript.Echo("machine " & machine & " is not reachable")
        wscript.Echo("reply from " & machine)
        End If
    End If

    Line 10 in the error message is this:
    For Each objStatus In objPing

    I run it on a W2K pro station.

    What obvious point am I overlooking?

  • The "Nine Guy" visits Silicon Valley

    Your son looks exactly like you. Mine does look a lot like me but he is too young to see if he'll also be into computers (so far so good Smiley ).

    What did your wife think about your idea of a father&son day out? Smiley)

  • Why did you join Channel9 ?

    "I was just wondering why did my fellow c9ers join c9?"

    Because this is something I have been looking for for some time, contact with customers beyond a weblog (nothing wrong with that though). More companies should do it. If anyone knows a company that does, please tell.

  • How to Hate Microsoft?

    For starters, I don't hate. Period.
    There is an issue I have with Microsoft that effectively overshadows anything else I might think or feel about it.

    Many will probably find it silly because it is not even about software quality, monopolies, business practices or BSOD.

    Well, out with it. Some years ago Steve Ballmer compared open source with cancer. Now it may be that using the word cancer outside the scope of discussing this particular illness is normal in the English language. Over here, however, it has only two uses, the other being swearing. Swearing itself hardly bothers me, I tend to ignore it. Cancer, to me, is a different matter. My father-in-law fought it for two years and lost. But even before that, callous use of it, bothered me. Nowadays it hurts.

    An apology would do. 'Sorry I hurt your feelings, didn't mean to', and I'd be done with it. I never got around just asking that.

    Last Tuesday, at Technet/MSDN in The Hague, I saw Steve Ballmer speak, first time for me. Call me silly, but I couldn't get myself listening to him. I fiddled with my mobile phone until he was done.

    Maybe I'm being oversensitive, but that's how it is. Otherwise I have no issues with Microsoft, apart from 'maybe you could do this or that better' (like stop moving administrative tools around every time a new Windows hits the market: a minor pain if you're updating an NT network to 2000 or 2003).

  • Windows media center edition

    jonathanh wrote:
    so they took out some of the Pro features
    otherwise businesses would just start running Media Center on their desktops.

    So I guess they took networking (as in domains, not a home network) out? Just add Novell client in, get a Novell server and off you go
    *ducks behind the nearest couch*

    Hmm, an office full of media center PC's.....