Well, here goes:
I am Erwin Blonk (you didn't really think Greater Monster is an actual name in any part of the world?) and I use Microsoft products. Doesn't that sound like attending a Microsoft User Anonymous meeting (in the MUAH of course: Microsoft Users Anonymous Hideout).

Livnig in the Netherlands I did school, the army (back then we still had the draft), went to work and to school abit more, got a job as Novell admin and went from one IT job to another (although I'm almost a full fours years with my present company, Getronics).

At age 36 I'm married (she's the best, if only for putting up with me), have two kids (Akiro and Indya - Akiro is the one in my avatar), a dog (Teesha - the one in the avatar) , three cats (Goofy, Sneaky and Tijger) and two goldfish (both named Nemo by Akiro).

I always did a bit of programming but not for the last few years, so I'm trying to get back into the game, preferrably for real now. Which is probably how I ran into Ch9.

The handle Greater Monster derives from a local newspaper. I live in Monster and there is this local free newspaper the is being delivered in surrounding towns as well. It's called Groot Monster (as in Greater London), so that translates as Greater Monster. Couldn't let the opportunity pass Smiley

Right now I'm reading 'Microsoft Windows Scripting Self-Paced Learning Guide' and after that C# is on my list.

Other hobbies: motorbike (need to fix it a bit), philosophy (Am I the only one to notice Jaques Derrida passed away?), science fiction (Star Trek and just about anything else) and a few other things.
Musicwise I like a lot (classical music, folk music, trash metal, dance, electronic, you name it) but mainly the works of Billy Corgan, Peter Hammill, Pete Townsend and Frank Zappa..

That's it for now.