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  • Developer Kick-Off Session: Stuff We Love

    Skip to 5:20 - otherwise it's just music...    WTF ?

  • Bill Staples - An hour discovering IIS 7

    Some great new features - love the new GUI.

    And how powerful does the "web.config" become !   

    Although I could see someone accidentally clobbering the config file for "a site" with the config file for "my application" - rather than merging into the same file...    oops !

    With plugging modules in/out of IIS - how does that relate to FTP ??
    From the video, you'll be able to include (or exclude) many different modules - does that include FTP ??   (if it IS a module).

    Imagine if someone would want to run a purely FTP server - not serve up pages (or ASP.NET) or any other such stuff...

    Basically, how does FTP slot into IIS ??   Or are they separate ??

  • Chris Jones - Beta 1 of Windows Vista revealed

    Great clip - some interesting stuff.   Seems like everyone is trying to get used to the "new name"...

    What exactly is a VBL ?   (Vista Build Library ?)

    Interesting white-board discussion of the build aspect.  Just wondering what exactly was "reverse integrated" - lots of DLLs & so forth ??
  • Longhorn (heart) RSS

    Great clip - watched it on my PDA (Dell Axim) - good for passing time on the train trip home.

    Interesting to see the IE7 integration - and subscribing to 'calendar' and all - just GREAT..

    Acronym - there's another RSS that I've been working with - REPORTING SERVICES SCRIPT

    Part of our dev project involves Reporting Services (RDL) - and have some script files to deploy - using 'rs.exe' - Report Server Script Host

    And these script files are called RSS as well !!

    Oh well - just another 'TLA'...    ('Three Letter Acronym')