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  • Scott Guthrie: Power To and For The People

    Check this Video

    You can also check Wikipedia references.

    Robert Hess has provided service and Information for the Users  and  Microsoft  Developers

    as Engineer and Evangelist.


    Good Show.

  • TWC9: Skype, HTML 5 Canvas, Python tools, & more


    You have made the same request for finding

    Windows Product Key in other shows.

    You need to read the suggestions or get the suggested


    The Product Keys are not stored in the drive locations

    for Windows Products.


  • Defrag 004 - Battery Life, Slow Wake, Library Problems

    @gelatus:Several items to check and change for System / Disk I/O and Hangs:

     Item1) Check Windows Update Settings you might make it notify only.

    item 2) If your running MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) add the folders

     for %windir%\Software Distribution to exceptions. Change the Task Library for MSE

    idle time to higher wait period.

    Both item 1) and item 2) stopped a lot of Disk Thrashing and Stops for my system.




  • Defrag 004 - Battery Life, Slow Wake, Library Problems

    @gelatus:The problem you having is with Playback and Communications and Enhancements, Levels.settings.

     Start with Open TaskBar Volume Control

    check the Playback Devices go to the Communications Pane

    and select the "Do Nothing" check box exit the Pane.

    While still in Play Back Devices and Speakers and

    Select Enhancements for Speaker Fill,

     Bass Management,

     Loudness Equalization.

    Then Go To the Levels and Select the 50 %- 75 % level for Speakers.

    Then go to the Properties tab for Speakers you should see a test option

    run the Built-in test. You should Have speaker sound.

    You may need to Adjust the Master level until so it does not Buzz or Distort on Playback.




  • Defrag 004 - Battery Life, Slow Wake, Library Problems

    Hello @ Dark_Knight,

    Check this out  Nirsoft Software a tool call Product Key.

    Download the Prodcut Key Tool after the download is done you can run

    Product Key it will display Windows XP Product Key so you can save the information.

    It is also very light at 114 kb for the installer or 47kb - 64kkb the

    no install versions.

     Great feature for  Product key  does not add registery key after running.

    THe Magic Jelly Bean Key Finder does leave a registery key after running

     and the size 1.2 megs may be a bit large . (^ ^)


  • Defrag 004 - Battery Life, Slow Wake, Library Problems

    Hello @ kachchhu,

    The Windows XP key is not stored in a drive location.

    Normally the CD Key is part of the "Windows Genuine Label" on the

    CD case or Computer System.

    In the Computer System XP CD Key is stored in Windows Registery.

    For Windows XP  using registery editor look at:

           "local system/Software/Microsoft/ Windows NT/Current Version/".

    The Windows XP CD  Key information in the registery is not much practical use for most


    If your attempting to Re-install or Repair Windows XP may be your question is answered   below: 

    If your question really was "how do I recover Windows XP CD Key"

             then you can get free tools to find the installed CD key for WIndows XP

       to print out and use to re-install or repair your Windows XP.

      If you search on the web using (Google or Bing) for Nirsoft Software

    you will find in the tools section a tool call Product Key.

    Download the Prodcut Key Tool after the download is done you can run

    Product Key it will display Windows XP Product Key along with keys

    for other Products that are installed.

    If you have more questions or need help Windows XP your best choice

    is to check the Windows XP Forums at Technet Windows Client and Windows XP.




  • Interview with Gearbox co-founder Brian Martel about Duke Nukem Forever

    Its nice to to Duke is back. Hehe I just ran out of Bubble Gum and ready to kick a## and have fun.
    After a hard day of destroying Aliens,Pig Cops and Mutant Brains
    he can Kick Back to enjoy a drink and Entertainment!!
    This sure beats Fantasy Foot Ball or other less violent games.
    If your an old computer user the release of Duke3d at 3drealms
    was a must have. 
     I still run it on Windows XP in XP-Mode in Windows 7 just for giggles.
    For those who are more into deep things this is the wrong Channel
    flip the dial and look at the "Deep Dive" charles does it the best.
    If your a developer,programmer flip the dial to the STL -1 series.
    In either case lets rock-roll with Duke on this channel.
    Maybe we can see some thing from John Carmack
    who released Wolfenstein3d for Phone apps. To be fair John Carmack from ID
    Software would round things out.
    Martin :) 
  • Silverlight Firestarter 2010 Keynote with Scott Guthrie


    I agree the English is bad and is statement is full of mis information. More than get a life more like check spelling and facts.Cool

  • Silverlight Firestarter 2010 Keynote with Scott Guthrie

    I love that SilverLight is Growing for In and out of the Browser.

    i found a video on  Mozilla drumbeat. in a video someone tell that microsoft make clone application and stole other idea. just like Silverlight come from Adobe Flash. Are this right ?

    The quotes about Silverlight being a Clone are an indication of stating something before

     checking out simple facts (a Problem with content on "WWW" ).

     If you Google or Bing Silverlight one of the sites is Wikipedia. In the Wikipedia site

    is a history of Silverlight and references. Most important aspect is Silverlight is

    for Mac,Linux,Symbian and Windows systems.

     Silverlight is not a Clone or an Adobe Flash "knock off"..

     The Silverlight engine is combination of several web

    technologies (XML,JS,XAML and HTML). Special note: Silverlight and Developer tools

    for Silverlight are free or very low cost. Example Visual Studio Express 2010, Web Developer Express 2010 are free tools and support Silverlight Development.

    If a person checks on "Moonlight" it is a derivative of "Silverlight".

    The growth of "Moonlight" along side Silverlight has provided users and developers

    innovation and a market to create applications for users.

     Silverlight has opened the door for cross platform use of data and media.

    I hope this dispells a Myth about Silverlight.

    Windows and Linux Can work Together