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  • ASP.NET MVC: A New Framework for Building Web Applications

    Don't forget to submit evals!!! And remember, higher numbers are better. To the person who gave me all 1s, I hope that was a voting error. Otherwise someone here really doesn't like me. Wink
  • ASP.NET MVC: A New Framework for Building Web Applications

    I disagree. Your negative experience with the Java MVC frameworks shouldn't be a condemnation of the MVC pattern. The pattern itself is valuable for web applications even in the "Real World". The popularity of Ruby on Rails and DJango is a testament to that. 

    ASP.NET MVC is intended to be a simple to use framework for developing web applications. It's not for everyone, for sure, but I think you'll find that it isn't overly complicated and is easy to learn.
  • MVC Preview 4 with Phil Haack

    If it helps any, I can go on record here categorically stating that Microsoft and the ASP.NET team did not invent the Model View Controller pattern.

    In terms of view engines, we do support multiple view engines. It'd be interesting to see if someone implements a ProMesh view engine for MVC. MVC is designed for extensibility, allowing the swapping out of any part you don't like. My IronRuby sample is an extreme demonstration of this.