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I'm an ASP.NET MVC developer who loves web 2.0 (and beyond). 


  • Azure Serverless end-to-end with Functions, Logic Apps, and Event Grid

    Great overview and demo! I've done stuff with Logic Apps before but I'm still amazed at how much it can do. I'm loving all of the things in this area (Functions, Logic Apps, and now Event Grid).

    Also, just some feedback on the presentation. I might be an edge case when it comes to this but the yellow highlighted area around the mouse was distracting for me. I kept looking at that instead of what was behind it. Awesome job otherwise! Thank you!

  • SPA Party with John Papa

    Here's my vote for the release of the Code Camper src files!!

  • My Mango has a Teapot... Windows Phone 7.1/5 Augmented Reality Sample

    Awesome!  I have ideas in this realm for a personal project.

    Now, if we can figure out how to mount a Kinect to the phone, we can create a scanner to capture the environment in 3D.  Oh, the possibilities!!   Smiley

  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    And here we go. Not a peep about Silverlight or WPF in what's come out as of this post.  Microsoft, if your not going to ditch XAML based development in the next 10 years, please speak up about it. The messaging is really misleading about the dev story.

  • Microsoft Touch Mouse

    Man, that looks cool.  Especially the window switcher.  I would use that a lot.  I work dailiy in 3D CAD environments where I am constantly panning around by pressing and holding the center mouse wheel (a.k.a. "Center Click"); how does this mouse do something similar?