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  • Microsoft Graph (/v1.0)

    Quite interesting. But this Looks like it will add a lot of "black magic" query strings to your code. So in the past we figured out that passing SQL strings around was error prone. Alright: OData is more standardized but how do you now all thes magic path and how do others know what they mean? And what JSON data will be returned? That will require some discipline from the developers... But I for me this Looks like a Office autoamtion API for the web. And in the past the VBA / OLE based Office Automation API's proofed to be very helpful and being one of the key factors for the success of Office. For the Web OLE get's replaced by HTTP (REST) and JSON. Did I get this right?

  • Windows 7 Graphics – High DPI

    Thansk for giving a hint. But unfortenately I think currently there is way too many applications that break if you set the High DPI. For instance MS SQL Reporting Services 2008 fails. Just tried it -> some text is not being displayed any more in reports. So even MS itself did not really take care about this really important Windows feature - which is by fact in Windows since Win98 (or was it Win2000).

    So i guess it will take a while until this wil be really useful.