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Harlequin Harlequin http:/​/​twitter.​com/True​Harlequin
  • David Anderson - Writing Agile Software

    Sorry, is the Agile Management Blog link supposed to link to the blog? Seems to link to the video.
  • Mike Swanson - Adobe Illustrator to XAML converter

    leighsword wrote:

    i don't know can Illustrator export to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics in XML)?you know CorelDRAW 12 can do it.
    i think make a XML to XAML converter easy than make a binary to XAML converter.

    I don't think you got the point of it. The point is to have anice simple plugin in Illustrator so that a graphics guy/gal can build an interface, then just export it right to Xaml and send it off to the developer. One simple step.
  • Owen Braun and Chris Pratley - Talking about OneNote

    Another thing OneNote can do it keep files in it. A mini-file repository if you need to share project files or something. Just drag a Word doc or something into OneNote and see Smiley
  • Erik von Fuchs - Tour of Hardware Lab, Clip One

    DiNovo, the only way to go SmileyTongue Out

    Bit it looks like they changed the design Sad
  • Amanda Silver - Talking about Mort

    figuerres wrote:


    now if you want to see the absolute *WORST* programming environment on god's earth IMHO
    go try that out....

    after a while you will have nightmares and beg to have VB.... or even a job at a fast food joint.

    { f= 'Hello' isString } —> true but { f= 123 isString } —> false

    I'm already getting nightmares just looking at the samples Smiley
  • Virtual Earth: MSN's answer to Google Maps

    ScanIAm wrote:
    Still downloading the video, but I was wondering if this might push the MSFT stock up in the Google range

    Microsoft already has been in the "Google range", several times. Then they do a stock split.
  • Infragistics - Visual Studio Component Lab

    10 years experience in C#. Is that possible? Unless you were on the team that devised it in the first place. Smiley

  • Ken Levy, XML Tools in VS 2005

    I'll be the first one to talk about the Xml features of VS2005, and not the video quality or how the tripod wasn't mounted properly SmileyTongue Out

    It was my littlest guy's 5th birthday party, so I only watched 75% of the video, but I was very impressed with the new Xml editors in VS2005. I can't wait for the Xml/Xsd intellisense. We have a special config file for our website framework here and the Xml file is growing with added features, so new sites would be difficult to set up for new users who don't know the rules for the Xml document. Having that Xsd intellisense would be great for that. I also liked the code-snippets as well. Good for small or large companies, I think VS2005 is going to be good for efficiency and streamlining code.

    I'm glad I didn't talk my company into XmlSpy licenses, they're quite pricey now anyways...