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  • Modern Web Tooling in Visual Studio 2015

    Video is great! Thanks

    I have just installed VS2015 RC and details are as under.

    Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 RC
    Version 14.0.22823.1 D14REL
    Microsoft .NET Framework
    Version 4.6.00057

    Very early in the demo, you mentioned the shortcut for adding new file. Shift + F2. And it is not working on my machine. Other ZenCoding stuff also doesn't work. So do we need to enable this in settings somewhere? 

    I can see you don't have Web Essentials installed. After I installed it, ZenCoding started to work fine but Shift + F2 still doesn't work.

  • Developing HTML5 Apps Jump Start (04a): JavaScript Core ​Capabilitie​s, Part 1

    Just a bit off topic Smiley can someone please tell me from where I can get these monitor stands they are using? what are they called if I need to look for it. Are they using Touch Screens?