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Eric Aguiar Heavens​Revenge Know Thyself
  • Anders Hejlsberg, Steve Lucco, Luke Hoban: TypeScript 0.9 - Generics and More

    Thank god Charles for another video, I've been waiting for something new from you man!

    I think one of the COOLEST way Microsoft should empower JavaScript/Typescript is to create a shim for C++ AMP(or WebCL) and let the Chakra engine use both CPU and GPU with those, or at least some sort of interface to really leverage the hardware from within IE mainly in a way Chakra implements it and normal JS just gets the engines use of C++AMP/OpenCL transparently instead of just looking toward the CPU for a speed boost.

    IE is REALLY getting better, completely incomparable versus the older generation of IE and since C++ AMP/OpenCL is quite sexy in terms of perf, I think one way to really make IE attractive to rip the competition to shreds is letting such a shim or interface to that type of hardware utilization since your IE11 is implementing WebGL so may as well get WebCL/AMP in there. Instead of playing catch up how about get a leg up? Tongue Out

  • Miguel de Icaza: Mono, Open Source, Visual Studio, and Xamarin

    Ya know... he brings up an amazing friggin point with the concept of "open-source IE".  I actually believe MS SHOULD do this for IE6 only at this point in time.  You guy's (MS) are going to end support of IE6 & XP etc soon enough SO Microsoft should, I believe with all my heart and logical conclusions, open source IE6 and given to the open source community to work on as a modern IE6 clone project to improve on as an option alternative to the actual IE6 rendering engine and JS Engine built into XP which is going to EOL.

    The whole IE infrastructure and code I think is already all replaced with new-generation code and concepts so allowing an open source community to work on an IE6 clone built directly from the IE6 source and built to uphold IE6 terrorizing situation while helping a built-in IE6 -> modern web shim wouldn't infringe on any current generation stuff for IE9+.  As IE6's stagnant web problem that Microsoft has created without malice is indeed still a massive problem, and everyone still on XP is making this be a huge issue continue to be an issue.  

    So, for administrators that must keep XP in-house or for home users, allowing an IE6 clone to maybe shim the architecture of IE6 while maintaining problems which are "bug-as-a-feature" status may actually help the web move forward just even a little.  Doing so would also indicate that Microsoft may actually want to help dig the WWW out of the hole it accidentally created by showing good intention to the world by open sourcing IE6 by itself and re-invigorating just a tiny bit of never before seen trust seen before out of Microsoft history.

  • GoingNative 12: C++ at Build 2012, Inside Profile Guided Optimization

    @Charles: Just saying that I'm pretty sure it's just one of those MS lingo things to sound cool. As it stands, that term doesn't exist outside of the death star Tongue Out

  • Stephan T. Lavavej - Core C++, 6 of n

    Finally... Uniform Initialization FTW!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Initializer lists to make it in at long last!!! Also STL if you want a good editor suggestion, my favourite & recommendation = EmEditor http://www.emeditor.com/ , it uses boost shows it proudly in "About" Smiley

    It's a 64-Bit editor which has multiple very sweet properties, Visual Studio Project Plugin and tons of more plugins, snippets for countless languages, auto-completion for... everything even based on previous files used, uses ZERO (0) CPU cycles when not in use AND it can handle many-millions of lines of text without slowing down even doing vertical editing on line *million Tongue Out.

    But alas, try it out and deem it for yourself!

  • .NET 4.5 - Multicore JIT

    I think they've got a slightly wrong/too damn conservative mindset here.  Sure jitting methods when their not needed may be a "waste" in terms of I want to flash deep fry this entire buffalo in 10 seconds flat. But I believe Jitting in chunks when they seem probable to be used is a far better way to go and cache the jitted methods for use later on, ambient CPU and RAM size is still growing...

    A good analogy to this is the CPU's themselves, not like the CPU grabs a single friggin bit of data out of memory, the CPU's pull the data as cache-lines and chunks at a time for faster speeds even tho the data in the memory isn't all being used. Of course it causes things like false sharing and memory location contention when it's not done right but still, hardware went to grabbing more data than is needed in one go, I think that Vance shouldn't be so picky on being 100% efficient as if it were kernel space or if this code was used for lunar launches & space exploration. If he wants, why don't they just put in heuristics or hints to the CPU's so that CPU's can also be 98% efficient using/hinting to the branch prediction engines built into current CPU's and do their tracing to help it along?

  • Anders Hejlsberg and Lars Bak: TypeScript, JavaScript, and Dart

    @Charles:You did a fine job as always Charles!! don't sweat it... it just wasn't what I was expecting Tongue Out Somehow things went in unusual directions on their own even with your moderation and productive input throughout.

  • Anders Hejlsberg and Lars Bak: TypeScript, JavaScript, and Dart

    I'm not going to bother giving a long comment as any dev worth their salt would have already been disappointed... But I will say that when I saw these two together I got giddy and was expecting nothing less than a masterpiece of conversation.  Somehow it turned into a church-vs-church fiasco.  Wish they would've gotten deeper than tree-shaking and actually spent time on matters which actually defined their design decisions and helped one another understand each others essential conceptual logic for why their solutions were chosen and different by design.

    Well maybe next time! lol

  • TWC9: Kinect Roadmap, Photo->Cloud Tutorials, Windows 8 @ SourceForge, ILRewriting and more

    The Windows 8 center @Sourceforge is freaking amazing... but the font in the articles is extremely terrible to clearly read/see... the characters in that font are just too damn skinny!!!!

  • Erik Meijer - Functional Programming From First Principles

    If you want to see the slides until Charles works something out (as I honestly don't care to see Erik and is far more interested in what he's saying + the presentation) open one of the video file links in VLC and use "Effects and Filters" on the video to crank up the contrast and lower the brightness to see the slides quite clearly Smiley

  • GoingNative 10: Welcome Ale Contenti, VC11 and Beyond with Steve Teixeira and Tarek Madkour

    Thank you for another Going Native episode, along with STL's C++ series' are now the BEST and most enjoyable videos on C9 to me since Going Deep isnt exactly interesting lately focusing only on Async/Rx with a lack of Erik/Jim Radigan.

    @Hakime:LLVM/Clang uses a runtime ... http://compiler-rt.llvm.org/ learn and weep Tongue Out ALL native program code other than OS Kernel code specifically developed to be used inside the kernel uses a "runtime", and even then, since I don't have access to Windows kernel code it probably also creates it's own "runtime" at its very core, but it's all self-contained and doesn't have any external dependencies to classify the kernel's core as a "runtime".

    DevDiv: The closer you stick to implementing C++11 to it's official specification, the better you will be. And PLEASE focus on the CORE LANGUAGE before you spiff it up with the flashy libraries you mentioned. I'll love seeing it complete to the best of Microsoft's ability and finally once again be the best compiler available from day's long past. 

    And I'm going to say... I actually dislike the way AMP was implemented... It's results are impressive but the way you focus on array_view's just feels... bad... and yes OpenCL's Warp focused structure feels bad too Tongue Out