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HellSnoopy HellSnoopy
  • Asp.net addons

    Anyone know good VS 2005 addons for asp.net development?

  • Dream Scene is now available

    Not working here ... After installing and restarting the "play DreamScene (preview)" on right-click desktop is greye out.

    Gfx card is a geforce 7900 gt using 100.59

  • Scoble leaves Microsoft - For reals?

    Yeah people, we will just have to get over it.
    Channel 9 without scoble is DEAD, just see how things here are going down the drain since he was not active here anymore.

    For me Scoble was the guy that kept things flowing, his intervies were nice, with his geek sense of humor, made people feel good in front of the camera and in the prime time of C9 we was very active, always posting in the videos threads awnsering questions and checking the forum.

  • July CTP of Visual Studio 2005

    I guess this is newer than beta 2 ?

  • LH Invites

    ?? fived ???

    Tongue Out

  • LH Invites

    "gcnaddict writes "Microsoft has officially sent invitations to their best beta testers and to WinHEC participants for their Windows Code Name Longhorn beta program. They also unveiled a new Beta Client which promises to be better than the current beta management systems, and will replace other means of beta distribution, including WindowsBeta and BetaPlace all in one fell swoop. While the new, highly anticipated operating system is not up for download, Beta 1 is expected to be up for grabs later this month. Unfortunately, it seems that the preliminary invitation codes are unique per user. Microsoft is expected to allow the public to apply for the beta program later this summer, and as usual, Longhorn will be a part of the Community Technology Preview program."

    Hey C9ers , don't you all think we should be there ?
    I'm enrolled in R2 and MMC beta's and no invite for me yet(I know that don't guarentee anything), would be nice to beta test longhorn now as I'm cooking some avalon aps with the lastest CTP, I'm also a member of MS Academic .NET cells and we are doing some nice C# and Asp.net things over here in Brazil. I guess it would be nice to have other countries dev's helping beta test longhorn *cough cough*

  • Microsoft Update released

    Argh , I tried to use the link you gave, it downloaded some activeX components and started update , it gave me an error. Now I can't use windows update anymore ... it says they updated their software try to re-install it and no go

    [Error number: 0x80070420]
    See which updates failed to install The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below might help you solve the problem.

    [edit] After a restart now , I'm getting [Error number: 0x8007041D]
    Somebody help me Tongue Out

  • Channel9 Anti-Slang Programme

    footballism wrote:
    androidi wrote: If you don't know a word is it too much to use Google to find the meaning or have some browser extension where you just point at a word and it shows different meanings and translations etc. Such extension could use some web service to also fetch meanings for "MSesque" stuff like SDET ..

    well,I don't have any problem understanding the basic ,standard english words,and I do believe most of non english speakers also think so.the problem with the slangs is that ur guys tend to use some words which cannot find any explanation in any dictioanary,that's ur problem,guys.

    Well , you better start improving your English first. What about starting sentences with capital letter, space after comma and so on ? I'm no way a native English speaker, but I think I do a good job complying to the standards. Wink

    You ask native English speakers to stop using slang's from their OWN language ? This kind of censorship makes sense coming from someone in China. If YOU don't know the meaning , it's your problem , not ours. By the way , if you did really try to google for slang's you would've find http://www.urbandictionary.com where you could find the meaning of them.

  • Avalon and Indigo SDK

    Nice !

  • Microsoft evilness rating... up 1

    Beer28 wrote:
    Try fedora core 3. FC4 should be released in a month or so.

    Will take a while to d/l all 4 cd's, don't they make it available on 1 dvd for easier burning ?
    I think I have a gentoo livecd I bought from gentoo store (which is closing) somewhere.