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  • "Oslo": The Language

    The examples from this video does not seem to work with the (October 2008 CTP) of the "Oslo" SDK  Version 1.0.0925.0 currently avaiable at msdn.microsoft

    The spouses 'SpouseA' and 'SpouseB' in the 'Marriage' type does not get the correct data type which should be
    the identity key 'Name' nvarchar(28) from the table 'People' .
    Instead it get's a nvarchar(max) so the constraints for the 'Marriages' table does not comply.

    I get the following errors when running mx.exe

    Installing Image: Contacts;Version=1.0;Locale=neutral...
    Column 'Contacts.People.Name' is not the same length or scale as referencing col
    umn 'Marriages.SpouseA' in foreign key 'FK_Marriages_SpouseA_Contacts_People'. C
    olumns participating in a foreign key relationship must be defined with the same
     length and scale.
    Could not create constraint. See previous errors.