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  • Creating Forms - 10

    FYI: Lesson 10 @16:45 re: "multiple" attribute is not just for "showing" multiple choices all at once versus a drop-list, it also allows for "multiple selections (i.e. ctrl-click under IE). Not necessarily the correct purpose in this context.

    Q: Is there an approach to limit the selection just a single choice? Of a similar visual approach, but as single select?

  • Styling Your First HTML5 Web Page with CSS3 - 03

    re: Lesson3 @15:35

    h1/h2/h3 styling you only included the "em" units for the h1; the h2 & h3 sizes are ignored (under IE10/11) .

    FYI: Been working with pre-release Win8.1 w/ IE 11; having to set the F12 (IE developer tools) to force the "Document mode" to "edge" from "7" to get the "section" styles to properly render.