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  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.

    Suggestion: If a bunch of photos are stitched together in 3D space, some of which contain GPS info in the EXIF metadata, it should be pretty easy to calculate GPS data for the untagged photos in the mesh and assign them appropriately.

    I don't have a GPS and have been searching for an easy way to blast that info into my photos.

  • Introducing MSN Toolbar Suite - Silicon Valley team (and demo!)

    soe wished the msn search deskbar would show query times.  If you turn on the status bar (View|Status Bar) on the Desktop Search Results page, you can see the query execution time there.

    I am also disappointed that Windows Server 2003 is not supported.  I even tried to install the application in emulation mode for 2000 and XP.  No dice.

    Will Server 2003 be supported?  Soon?  Please?