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  • Prism & Silverlight: Part 10 - A Larger Example - "Email Client"

    Hi Mike,


    First of all, This is a great series post, I must say.


    I am sure by now you are moved on to lot of new stuff like Silverlight 4 etc.


    I have seen this series of posts and its immensely useful for someone to start getting insight into PRISM framework.

    in my new project, I am trying to use PRSIM framework and want to have multi platform application.. ( that's the goal )


    I was wondering, If you can post this application or parts of last series of smaller posts which shows "Test Driven Development using PRISM" , "Test first" approach.


    That will give even more idea for new people trying to learn PRSIM, what to test and what not to test.


    your comments are welcome.


    Hope that would be possible.