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  • Cloud Cover Episode 31 - Startup Tasks, Elevated Privileges, and Classic ASP

    Thanks for the excellent and entertaining show. 

    One item about Startup Tasks to socialize:  Where to stash the executable in the SLN / projects?

    I have a SLN project 3 projects, an ASP.NET web application, a Web Site and a Cloud project.  The Cloud project contains the ASP.NEt web app as a web role.  The Web Site is not targeted to the cloud. 

    My startup-task is a CMD file.  I had tried adding that to my SLN in a Solution Folder I'd created.  That produced a build time error about approot\bin.  Huh?

    I ultimately resolve the issue by adding my CMD file to my ASP.NET project, gave it a Build Action of 'None' and a Copy To Output Directory option of 'Copy Always'.

    That works for this simple (one role) case.

    Haven't found any documentation on this as yet.  It'd be helpful to know the rules; specifically what are some of the right "places" for the Startup Tasks to live?.  If this was a multi-role project, would any of the role's 'Output Directory' folders have worked?  Can you supply a Post-build event to the Cloud Project to copy the Startup Task executables to ... where?

    Hopefully, you get the idea.

    Thanks much.