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Erik Porter Human​Compiler Now with more apps
  • Naming conventions

    Yes, all the names are locations.  Someone told me once about how with Visual Studio, it has to do with their distance away from Seattle.  Everett isn't too far away, Whidbey is quite a bit further away and Oracas a bit further away than Whidbey or something along those lines (I'm no geography expert)  Tongue Out

  • Today's Site Update

    Love the new changes...can you add a setting to our profiles for if we'd like to automatically watch all threads we reply to?

  • Passport...​for all?

    What about the LongHorn Identities?  Won't that kind of make Passport not necessary.  Isn't that the concept behind it?  A "Disconnected Passport"?  I know it's a ways out, but I'd just figure Microsoft would focus on that instead of making Passport more available.