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Erik Porter Human​Compiler Now with more apps

    Dodo said:
    Charles said:

    It's a dot... the only characters that can genuinely break URLs are #, / and ?

    You can't be serious...

    Dots in the middle of a url won't break anything.  It's the fact that the dot is at the end of the url.


    jamie said:


     it even has win 7 already installed on it!

    this is too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My signature alone will make its value double by 2012!

  • New Trek - Well done!

    figuerres said:
    jason818_253.33 said:

    the beagle is "in transport" somewhere Smiley

    at least from what Mr. Scott said, he did not say the dog was "gone" just not "found"

    so they left it open for later... perhaps in the next movie he will find him ...

    That's awesome!  I didn't even pick up on that.  Will have to pay better attention to that part next time I see it (tomorrow or Friday hopefully at IMAX this time).

    Btw, loved the movie.

  • new theme for win7 hard to read at top

    figuerres said:
    thanks, much better Smiley

    before it reminded me of looking into a bright light, not fun ....
    A bright light of awesomeness?  Yah, that's Windows 7.

  • new theme for win7 hard to read at top

    Fixed.  Thanks guys!

  • Toolbar could not be found...

    Quick update on this.  I did some digging and found the reply functionality after sign in is completely borked (for a technical term).  For the short term I've changed the reply url to just be the comment permalink so after you login you'll just be taken back to the url that you originally clicked the reply button on.  Not ideal since you'll then have to click the reply button one more time, but it'll work for now and you won't get javascript errors and weird things anymore until I can fix the proper reply url.  Sorry for the inconvenience (the extra click).

    Duncan will deploy this when he gets a chance.

  • Just making another new thread

    stevo_ said:
    Interesting, have you considered azure? Wink I hear theres a good story there for automated app versioning and staggered re-deployment Tongue Out.
    Yah, totally.  We just started rebuilding Channel 9 yesterday in Azure and we should be done tomorrow.  Will let you know how it goes.

    Tongue Out

  • Could this be!?!

    Are you forgetting that developers is who Microsoft really gets?  Have you seen Rory tweet about iPhone development.  It sounds horrific.  The fact that they have so many apps is because people are willing to suck it up and build on a hard to build on platform because the end result is awesomeness.  If Microsoft had the awesomeness AND an easy to develop on platform, IMO == WIN

    Time will tell.  I really have no idea about what's going on over there in Zune land.  Just speculating based off of our company in general.

    And yes, iTunes is complete garbage!

  • Search Improvements

    littleguru said:
    HumanCompiler said:
    DateTime.TryParse very much works depending on what culture is set on the server. I imagine that it is en-US. It would be nice to have a date picker because right now you need to know the internals to do a proper search by date!
    Yup, we'll probably add a date picker to fill in the textbox for you and that'll make it easier.  You're all devs so I'm ok with you having to know that right now it's doing a DateTime.TryParse with the default culture (probably en-US) until we figure out something better.  You're smart people.  Smiley  You couldn't search by date at all before.  Wink

  • Search Improvements

    jamie said:
    HumanCompiler said:
    re - search by thread title...

    in most cases - this would be faster?

    example -" i want to post a music video - what was the name of that radio thread? - searches" radio"

    - current result:  every single time the word radio was ever mentioned in the coffeehouse
    - title only result:   The Radio (thread)
    Agreed.  That option would be nice (to search by title only).  We also discussed changing the ranking of the search results so the word "radio" being in a title would make it more important than one that mentioned "radio" in the body.  We'll investigate.