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Erik Porter Human​Compiler Now with more apps
  • 09/09/09 -- 9ers Day?

    bureX said:
    HumanCompiler said:
    Alright people, let's get this guy over to a full liquor cabinet or something, we need to transform him from the ordinary thinker to a hard core "yes-man"! Stat! Wink

    If *the source* is released, be prepared to work with it like runny modeling clay... We may create a new statue of David, or we may chip away chunks for ourselves to make poorly crafted ash trays... Just a fair warning Smiley

    Thumbs up for turning an ordinary idea into a pre-release trailer Wink
    Well, we're probably not going to release that runs the site currently.  Oxite is already open source, just doesn't have forums yet, but we'll get that in there over time.

  • Search Improvements

    littleguru said:
    HumanCompiler said:
    Nice additions!

    Bug: 01.12.2009 = 1/12/2009 ... since these are only two textboxes I entered the date format as I'm usually typing it and Channel 9 didn't convert it properly.

    Second bug: Search text = *, User = littleguru, Start date = 1/1/2004, End date = 1/1/2005, Searching Channel 9 Forums: Our Apologies
    Something has gone wrong with your request. We have logged the error and will try and fix it as soon as we can.

    Is it possible to not enter a search text and only search all the posts by a user? Right now you need to enter a search text.
    We're just doing a DateTime.TryParse so only dates that .NET can parse will work.  Might get a date dropdown or something in the future so it's not as much of an issue, but we'll still just turn it into a date string that gets parsed so you're at the mercy of .NET DateTime.

    Yah, search term is required right now.  I'll see what I can do about that, but as Sampy mentioned, you could always go to their profile for now.

  • Search Improvements

    TommyCarlier said:
    Thank you for telling us about improvements. You should do this more often. Sometimes I notice something has changed on the C9 website, but I have to guess about new features.
    Sure thing.  Since I've been working on little small improvements here and there, I'll try to let you all know.  I believe I let everyone know about thread title editing when I did that one, right?  The other one I did isn't visible to you all (thread locking UI and perma-ban UI).

  • Search Improvements

    sushovande said:

    Good job on the search.

    (Can't.. resist... feature.... request.....)
    If there is no search term, only username, could you pull up the last 10 posts by that author?

    Possibly.  I'll keep it in mind.

  • Search Improvements

    Spent a little time adding some other parameters to the search page (fixed a bug too) and the changes are deployed as of this morning.

    You can now narrow your search by:

    • User
    • Date range
    • Content type (just forums or c9 content)

    I don't think we're done with search.  There's more to be done, but it's a start.


  • 09/09/09 -- 9ers Day?

    bureX said:
    HumanCompiler said:
    - That would improve Microsoft's image in the open source scene
    - There is a possibility of clones popping up here and there
    - Niners would be able to make far more constructive suggestions to improve the overall forum design and functionality

    How far will the separation of the Coffeehouse from the rest of the board go?
    Still thinking through the idea.  We'd like to add Forums to Oxite and it's open source (and built by us) so the thought came that maybe it would be cool to get Niners involved in the development.

    You know...I can see the headlines now...Niners build Channel 9!  Wink  Again, this is all in my head at the moment now.  Nothing real.  Smiley

  • 09/09/09 -- 9ers Day?

    An idea that's been popping around in my head for a while...

    Would anyone be interested in the Coffeehouse moving to an open source project (initially built by us) that anyone here could contribute to?

    I can't make any promises, but thought I'd throw the idea out there to see if anyone would bite.

  • C9Park: Reboot

    Strangely, I'm the same as you guys.  I didn't have any gray hair or a wife or kids before Channel 9.  Now I have them all.  I don't have any funny ones to add though, sorry.


  • Inconsistent Tag

    spottedmah said:
    HumanCompiler said:

    Off topic but how are you guys getting notified when someone posts to this thread?  I don't any options to subscribe to an alert like on the new MSDN forums.

    We aren't.  We just happened to come back.  You can add /RSS onto the end of the url for this page and get a comment rss feed though.

  • Inconsistent Tag

    Duncanma said:
    Charles said:

    It's isn't a problem, we have some great auto-tagging software from some 'Cyberdyne' company that will supposedly 'make all the decisions for us' and remove 'faulty human decision making' from our whole process.

    They've been great to work with so far.