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Ian Walker Ian2 In geeks we trust ...
  • Free Developer Offers :-)

    , spivonious wrote

    Is it full Pluralsight, or the same limited selection you get with an MSDN sub?

    It's a full six month subscription so a great deal.


    Also I see that there is also a 3 month subscription to Wintellect - Awesome!

  • Free Developer Offers :-)

    , fanbaby wrote

    And that $25 Azure credit a month isn't bad either :)


    That just says 'coming soon' on mine.

  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    , Bass wrote

    FYI, you can specialize too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_science#Areas_of_computer_science 

    Of course, none of the specializations of computer science include "Google stack" or "Microsoft stack". You don't see astronomers going around calling themselves Celestron astronomers or Orion astronomers, or your doctor deciding to specialize in the Pfizer stack. We shouldn't be any different..


    You are right of course, just saying that for the last 20 years or so my 'vertical approach' served me very well in the contract market - but that has/is changing.


  • Free Developer Offers :-)

    Working now - well worth checking out for the Pluralsight and other benefits ...

  • Free Developer Offers :-)

    I guess they are pretty busy right now but all I can get of the new dev offering is the following error message

    • Unable to load dashboard data. Please try again.


    Anyone else having more luck at https://www.visualstudio.com/free-developer-offers-vs ?

  • The should I give up my windows phone question


    , figuerres wrote



    YES !

    if you follow the history Microsoft has it's not good at all.  way to many re-boots of the brand, of the OS, of the devices, of the naming of the OS.

    and the huge gaps from one brand  then nothing then a new brand and a new OS and the changes it tools and what code will run on them.

    this makes for a very hard call to get behind and spend money on.

    the only way I can see Microsoft pulling this off at all is if they devote a *LOT* of cash into funding a really strong inside team to go all out on the universal app platform with a very strong push on the phone app side of it and take the effort as  say a 5 year loss / cost  and use that to offer to work with anyone who has any chance of making a good solid app.  let a bunch of folks get a "free ride" from Microsoft as long as they can develop solid apps that will draw in more users and more interest from other companies.

    yes that will cost a lot but it's the only way I can see them getting a solid chance as getting a better then 10% share of the market.  if they could get say 15% or 20% then I think the scales would tip and the platform could take off and grow on it's own power after that.

    if they can not or will not do something that radical then they need to just stop now, get ready to sell off the Nokia properties and call it a day. exit the phone hardware market and the phone os market and just offer mobile apps for IOS and android and be done with the whole mess.

    cut bait or run Microsoft!

    I for one am sitting on the fence wondering which tech direction I should now go in now that my 'Microsoft Stack' credentials no longer have the pulling power they once had.


    Sad but interesting times.

  • Hiring: Looking for a GREAT manual TESTER

    , cheong wrote

    It's kind of weird for me to see that the Microsoft Career server still uses TLS1.0, and cannot be visited with TLS1.1/1.2 enabled only.


    Looks like you got the job! :)

  • Status on Project Astoria

    Lots of press reports saying it is dead, not sure if it has anything to do with recent departures?

  • Future Decoded

    I was (am) stuck in Las Vegas :'(

  • Because we are geeks ...

    ...  and this