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Ian Walker Ian2 In geeks we trust ...
  • Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 !!!!!!

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  • Charity Apps "ChApps"

    , kettch wrote


    I'm on the fence about the cascaded images, but putting a white border around the images is definitely not Metro.

    I played with lots of different backgrounds (before settling on pretty much nothing) and found that in general the borders around the pictures were "nicer*" than without.

    Yes the App only loosely follows the Metro guidelines  - they are just guidelines after all. 

    The feedback I got that hit the nail on the head for me was the inconsitency within the panormaic interface:

    1. Headers are not implemented consistently across all the panorama items.

    2. The 'fast & fluid' aspect is compromised by throwing up a message box before going into 'Apps'.

    * OK so if I was a designer I might say 'more astetically pleasing' but I'm not a designer, just a propeller head slightly out of my comfort zone ...

    I will be addressing all the feedback I have had in version 1.1 - it is very much appreciated. 

    Thank you & keep going, the more critical the better at this early stage!


  • Charity Apps "ChApps"

    @Maddus Mattus:Is it OK now?  A few people have reported issues with finding it in the marketplace but I figure it should all be good by now?



  • Charity Apps "ChApps"

    It now apears to have replicated everywhere - if anyone is having trouble downloading would they kindly let me know.

  • Charity Apps "ChApps"

    @Harlequin:I'm really chuffed with the UI but always happy to take on constructive criticism.

    Thanks for the examples, might do something similar for this one.

    Just put together the obligatory youtube video:

    Expression Screen Capture / Windows Live Movie Maker are  great little Apps for something simple like this. 

    It almost looks like whoever put it together knew what they were doing  LOL.

  • Charity Apps "ChApps"

    @Michael Butler:It only got through ingestion last night so maybe there are some lags in replicating, please try again later and let me know the outcome if you would be so kind.

  • Charity Apps "ChApps"

    Would not normally be so  blatent about promoting an app here (lol) but all the proceeds for his one are going to charity so please help keep this thread alive by posting your own comments both about the app and the concept of 'Ch Apps' in general.


    Tag line for the app:

    "Don't use this App because all the proceeds go to charity, use it because its the best news app on the marketplace!"




    If you like the app and happen to know someone who works in publishing I would be grateful if you would ask them to give this app a mention.

  • Interesting

    Good overview here in case anyone missed it: http://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Interoperability/Simply-create-a-PhoneGap-application-for-Windows-Phone-75-in-Visual-Studio-2010

  • Windows Phone Live Tiles - Help!

    @Maddus Mattus:Thanks.  I suspect that there are a myriad of ways that we (devs) have found to implement live tiles!  For this scenario to work as it stands at the moment then it needs to have the tiles as bitmaps available somewhere on the web.  One scenario would be to do as you suggest and implement some kind of API for the 'Live Tile Browser' that could cope with the variety of opportunities available to devs for the creation of live tiles. 

    One to ponder for now methinks.

    My next steps are to blog about the conversion from Silverlight to HTML5 for the tile browser itself.

    This will probably be in 3 stages:

    1. Conversion of the header (ie lets at least introduce some HTML into the equasion)

    2. Creation of an HTML based tile browser (without bells and whistles)

    3. Adding the bells and whistles.

    I personally think this concept is worthwhile and would expect it to be of interest to other developers (as well as MS/Nokia etc). 

    I will blog the first step, hopefully soon, then gauge interest and continue if it makes sense to do so.

    Once again, can I take this opportunity to thank you very much for your interest and help!

  • Windows Phone Live Tiles - Help!

    @Maddus Mattus:LOL, went into rambling mode I guess.

    So there are a number of ways that I am aware of to create live tiles.

    1. Use the phone app itself to create the tile using the API (this has lots of limitations with fonts and design inflexibility but is the easiest to implement)

    2. Use the phone app to create a bitmap, store the bitmap in iso store and point the live tile at it/them (commonly uses WriteableBitmapEx etc).  More flexible than (1) but lots of processing constraints as a result of the limitations in background processing when getting the information for the live tile.

    3. Create the Live Tile completely outside of the phone - commonly on a web site then point your App at the bitmap you created. Probably the most hassle but also the most flexible?

    Which method are you using for your C9 app?