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Ian Walker Ian2 In geeks we trust ...
  • Windows Phone 8

    MS releasing Win 8 Consumer Preview at Mobile World Congress.  Apollo Preview as well?

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Microsoft today announced that Windows 8 Beta/ Consumer Preview is releasing on February-29th at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.




  • White Nokia Lumia

    Finnally got a lumia 800 today.  Feels good and raises the bar for Windows Handsets. 
    The Nokia Apps are a joy to use.

  • And my next computer and phone might be ....

    @figuerres:I believe MS is well placed with its plans for the long term in bringing together different aspects of peoples lives with a single familiar interface "Metro" and cohesive back end strategy (Azure / "The Cloud").

    IMO the next step in computing has to engender some significant advances and cope with multiple interfaces as well as helping us in dealing with the multiple touch points and scenarios that I.T. has in our lives: 

    Multiple Interfaces

    The adoption of an interface that is elegant enough to cope with this (Keyboard, Mouse, Touch and Movement based) is well underway with "Metro" and it can be argued that Microsoft lead the way in movement based systems with "Kinect".

    Multiple Scenarios

    When I look at the areas of my own (and most other peoples) uses for IT I can break them down into:






    Microsoft appears to be to fairly well placed for the future in each of the above areas, perhaps missing a trick in education (especially after Bill Gates' own enthusiasm over education and gushes over the Khan Academy).  But that opportunity is still definitely under subscribed in spite of Apples' recent announcements. 

    Gaming is well covered with XBOX/XBL - the Metro UI being a pointer to the true integration that will come with the next iteration of hardware.  Yes, MS definitely needs the phone to succeed as a gaming platform in this area but while you can criticise them for being slow to get in, they couldn't really be working much harder in this spac than they are right now!  Ultimatley a unified back end and dev platform for Windows 8 / Phone 8 / XBOX looks to be the best approach and is already underway if I read things correctly.

    Work wise MS still has the Enterprise in its grasp - Apple only has some inroads based on the popularity of their consumer products (it is not really their target market in any event).

    Leisure wise (TV/Video/Books) MS has stuggled with Media Center but the ground covered by that product is a perfect back end for a Metro based UI. In any event "content is King" so this area will always be dominated by content providers - ultimately a common UI is desirable and I would look to Metro in that space. Book wise maybe we will see a metro based Kindle type product at some stage in the near future?  I hope so.


    The car is a great example of something that already has a succesful common UI (but one that doesn't cover IT).  So this area is wide open.  I like what MS has already done in this space with Sync.  We keep hearing about the next stage of on screen navigation and MS looks well placed to integrate that UI.  There are also clear opportunities for developing a vehicle based movement related system using something simlar to Kinect. (I don't know if MS is actively developing in this space but would be surprised if they were not).


    To sum up I want my own development opportunities to cover the big picture in my own life, both now and in the future.  Sure right now Apple is gushing with opportunities in the App space but when I look at this bigger picture I feel better about the choices I have personally made and feel uncomfortable with thoughts of jumping into the Apple or Google space.

    I'm not saying that the future is guaranteed - Apple may well take the 'Richard Branson" route and duplicate success in one sector within multiple others.  But MS still seems to have a significant lead when looking at the bigger picture "the end game" if you like, and I believe they have already learned valuable lessons in the dangers of complacency!

  • And my next computer and phone might be ....

    I understand why anyone might be frustrated with MS, especially Silverlight devs like myself.  But as has already been said, MS are just reacting to the marketplace at the same time as attempting to put together a cohesive long term strategy around Windows 8. 

    The move from Silverlight to WinRT is not a major one for developers and being in a position to write large chunks for code for Windows 8, Phone 8 and everything inbetween is probably going to be a good place to be.

    IMO MS has become the underdog which is always a good place to come out fighting from! 

  • Native code development coming to Windows Phone?




  • Top five regrets of the dying

    Actually I was only joking about removing Jar Jar - I suspect that with 3D he is actually 'in your face' more than ever now.

    Wife was a bit concerned that I was going to see Star Wars 1 without her until I explained that it wasn't the real Star Wars 1.

    Whole family up for seeing 4,5 & 6 again in 3d but not 1,2,3

  • The Radio

    A great track but very sad to see it have such relevance.

  • Video Request: Windows 8 Apps - Dev to Dev

    I'm still hoping to largely avoid HTML by using WinRT but I believe the widgets/tiles (or whatever they are called) for the new Win8 UI have to be done in HTML5?

    I'm not religious about not using HTML but if I can avoid it I probably will (I know, foot, shoot etc)

  • Top five regrets of the dying

    I was pretty in with the candle in the box thing.  Until recently I had the notepad paper saved from PDC 2000 (along with a load of other stuff).  Only relatively recently did I part with it (scrap paper for my daughters).  I was definitely a MIB when I was a kid.  (Mint in Box).