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Ian Walker Ian2 In geeks we trust ...
  • If you are a UK Wp7Dev developer banking with First Direct then read this

    @ZippyV:I have considered this and would have done so if MS had told me that this was the issue a little earlier  (it looks as though the validation and error messages that are generated within the banking system result in a lack of clarity as to what is causing a payment to fail).  I have suggested  that they need to put more validation/guidence messages in the App Hub at the very least.

    The truth is I am angry that this has gone on so long without a resulution.  In my last email about this issue I highlighted what I saw as the main issues:

    ISSUE: I entered the details exactly as they were sent to me from my bank (First Direct) and yet this has been deemed incorrect.
    CONCLUSION: There is insufficient information with regards to the British banking system within the process itself.  (From a user perspective First Direct is the name of the bank, not HSBC)
    RESOLUTION: The form should be validated on submission such that IDs and Bank names are cross checked and flagged to the user at the time of submission if they are deemed to be 'incorrect' (A batch check overnight with an email follow up would also be acceptable).  NB In the short term a note to the effect that Bank Name relates to the body that owns the bank, rather than the bank itself might be advisable.

    ISSUE: I independently forwarded the details I received from First Direct to you as proof that I had entered the details correctly.
    CONCLUSION: The details I sent were not properly checked (I believe this should have led to the issue being resolved at the time)
    RESOLUTION: A Training or Process issue?

    ISSUE: I have had responses from several different people dealing with the same issue.
    CONCLUSION: This gives the impression to the customer that there is a lack of 'issue ownership' within the process.
    RESOLUTION: Issues that are likely to lead to major customer frustration should be owned by a single person who sees the issue through to its conclusion.

    ISSUE: I have had to raise this same issue repeatedly every month
    CONCLUSION: The issue is not being correctly resolved - no intermediate bank runs or checks were being done (it should not be necessary to wait a month for issues like this to be checked)
    RESOLUTION: Intermediate bank runs need top be authorised and set up?

    For what it is worth I have always been impressed with the profesionalism and efficiency with which Microsoft have dealt with me in the past.  This is by far the worst experience I have had to date.

    I should add that we are not talking about big bucks here - I would guess that there are only a handfull of developers who are making what might be considered by some to be 'a living' writing apps for WP7 - I am certainly not one of them (even if I was being paid). 


  • If you are a UK Wp7Dev developer banking with First Direct then read this


    Hopefully MS will be able to get some kind of timezone based support going once the platform takes off - It has been a bit of a pain having to schedule calls with people in Seatlle over this banking issue (and it probably doesn't help that First Direct has a zero name for itself outside the UK which probably diminishes perception of the potential scale of the issue)


  • World of Shatner Palooza

    I spent a little bit of time in Russia (1979 I think) before the cold war came to an end and the Shat got fat.  They were lovely people and just wanted to eat up anything westernised (even the stickers on my bags were in heavy demand).  We met up with some locals around our age - they were smart and knew we wanted to hear about the KGB and then throw our vodka glasses into the fire(!) They gave us what we wanted and shared stories of how they shot people while conscripted (yeh). 

  • World of Shatner Palooza

    @Ray7:I think he just sharted

  • If you are a UK Wp7Dev developer banking with First Direct then read this

    ,CKurt wrote

    I have heard it's even worse in the UK. However, I would not like to be payed via PayPal for my apps. Just send it straight to my account.

    Under the circumstances any payment method would be acceptable to me (I even suggested a BUILD ticket to put the smile back on my face - but got no response to that!)

  • World of Shatner Palooza

    Another freebie for US only, but at least there is a short clip of Kate Mulgrew on her blog (in case there are any geeks reading this)


    The free 2 week link is here: http://epx.ms/pNqk5J

  • Got the, don't have any creative energy, summertime blues?

    @Bas:Similar for me, part work (a long local contract came to an end) part personal (wifes career took off, kids suffering, family sickness etc).  So I have been spending my time developing phone apps (hoping to earn some money - Ha! that is a pipe dream), doing DIY (I had an excuse not to do it previously), being a taxi to the kids, and seeing more of my family in general.  I still do the odd contract here and there but I'm no longer doing back to back contracts away from home like I used to.

    I envisage changing the balance again (more towards third party contracts or permanent work), but I have to say that for the most part I have managed to stay sane (act least as far as I can tell) and reasonably well focussed. 

    If I am honest I suppose I do miss regular contact with like minded others (Channel 9 is not a complete substitute) and also the whole 'contract developer lifestyle' (Conventions in exotic places and the like) but any negative feelings are mitgated in part by having people tell me they wish they were in the same boat (and I am old enough now to know that the grass is always greener ...)

    That said, I still have bags of creative energy this Summer (and a portable Air Con) - working on my first strategy game for WP7 at the moment and having a blast - http://rd3d2.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/goblin-harvest/

  • If you are a UK Wp7Dev developer banking with First Direct then read this

    But HSBC being the second largest banking corporation in the world ought to know what they are doing with the codes that they helped to set up. 

    My view is that MS would be doing their UK Devs a service by tightening up their validation around (well known) UK banks like First Direct.

  • If you are a UK Wp7Dev developer banking with First Direct then read this

    Just posted on my blog why I havn't been paid for any of my apps yet.


    Thinking of adding a poll to go with it :-


    I have read your blog post and think that

    1. You have the patience of a saint and are to be commended

    2. You are one dumb S.O.B. to have put up with it this long

    3. I feel sorry for you and have mailed you 50p via PayPal

    4. You need to get an iPhone


  • Oh, the job titles these days!

    Don't worry, I have heard that in September everything switches to HTML5 and starts working ...