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Ian Walker Ian2 In geeks we trust ...
  • What do you think?

    I am frustrated by not having the capability to properly test apps created to utilise PC hardware sensor capabilities (due to a lack of hardware currently on the market!).  I am presently developing an augmented reality app for Windows Phone (hopefully being submitted for ingestion later today) and I would very much like to build on it and release a version for Windows 8.

    We need some kind of a developer program to facililtate this please.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Windows 8 Development Machines Question.

    Well, I've doe a little digging and the story doesn't look good for sensor equiped PCs for use in development.

    Meanwhile I am close to submitting 'Shooting Range' for Mango devices (which I am very excited about).  Ironically as much as I am psyched about this App (and 'Goblin Harvest' which admitedly is longer term) it is my next idea for an augmented reality app that is the most exciting, and It's going to kill me if i can't get this stuff onto Windows 8 in time for the launch.

    Damn me for being such a geek ...

    If anyone can cast any light on any opportunities that might facilitate me developing motion-related apps for Windows 8 please would they contact me please. ...

  • Windows 8 Development Machines Question.

    @OrigamiCar:Thanks for the tip, I will check before I part with any money.

  • Windows 8 Vs IPad

    @ManipUni:I read somewhere that the hardware is being release as a Windows 7 Tablet on October 2nd (USA)

  • Windows 8 Development Machines Question.

    Anyone else interested in this there is a good post here (check the comments as well).


    and the Samsung device that was given out at BUILD should be available 'real soon' (running Windows 7)


  • What do you think?

    Developer thoughts

    Firstly, and being completely selfish for a second, I was pleased to see the concept of the store. 

    Secondly, I was encouraged that much of what I have learned in the last 18 months or so of WP7 development (and prior to this with pure Silverlight) has put me in good shape for Metro style development on Win8. (I am less excited about HTML5 from a dev perspective but understand the desire to maintain the legacy thread while at the same time apealling to the widest possible audience).

    I have used Win8 on the Acer 1640p from the PDC and found that I adapted to the two interfaces quite quickly. As a developer I can live with the "schizophrenic UI" of the preview (I would like to be able to fire up the old start menu on occasion without resorting to hacks).

    In an ideal world I would use the preview as my main development platform but the fact that I can't build for WP7 makes that impossible and probably means that I will spend less time in it than I would otherwise like.

    Pleased that MS is still capable of doing 'brave things'- IMO absolutely necessary in the face of the competition and the speed of technological change.

    Consumer thoughts

    I guess there will be 2 hardware camps for some time to come (traditional PC and new style slate/touch devices) and I do have concerns that MS is trying to cover both with one product.  (for most users this is going to result in a lot of confusion)

    The actual release should maybe market the same product (Win8) targetted/focussed on the different hardware devices: Phone*, Slate, PC etc.)?


  • I just explained to my wife what happened to Silverlight ...

    @AndyC: I think I can swallow that as an explanation

    It would be interesting to have been a fly on the wall in that meeting - if that is how it played out.

  • I just explained to my wife what happened to Silverlight ...

    @CKurt: I don't know - after all how many times have we seen a new version of some application actually having been a complete rewrite of itself? OK so not the norm but not that unusual either.

    I actually prefer to think of what happened in these terms (rather than what MS are telling us)

  • The problem with releasing developer previews to the public

    I prefer using the Win8 UI on my Laptop/Tablet (Acer 1640p). 

    In fact I wish I could use it as my main UI already.

  • I just explained to my wife what happened to Silverlight ...

    I told her they moved Silverlight into Windows as opposed to being something that ran on top of it.

    Maybe that should have been the high level message that MS gave us - something along the lines of

    "We recognised the importance of WPF and Silverlight and for the next version of Windows we are consolidating and moving these important technologies into the core Windows Runtime".

    At the same time they could have bigged up HTML5 without 'annoying' anyone.