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Ian Walker Ian2 In geeks we trust ...
  • The last launch / landing

    Also, can anyone explain why we use rockets to lift off from the ground instead of towing the spaceship to the upper atmosphere on a jet? Much easier to break gravity's pull from 60,000 feet up.

    Didn't the shuttle launch of the back of a jumbo jet back in the day? 

  • The last launch / landing

    Probably totally unrelated but the other day I was driving through an industrial estate in Bristol and spotted Concorde sitting forlornly in a field.  Apparently it is being cleaned up ready to be put on show somewhere?  (There is also a rumour that one might fly again for the 2012 games).

    BTW If anyone is local you can see it by driving to Cribbs Causeway around the back of Marks & Spencers ...

  • Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango) Firmware update available for developers!

    @dentaku:That opens up an area for controlling music from a Mango device which is cool. 

    I have my assorted sequencer programs largely on standby until we get low latency sound (though I am considering creating a desktop silverlight player which you could send your compositions to directly from the phone - they could then play back without any annoying syncaption issues)

    Meanwhile I am developing another game (unusual for me as I am not much of a gamer)


  • BBC on a roll

    @OrigamiCar:We did get series 1 of The Walking Dead a while back - surprisingly even my wife enjoyed it!

  • Windows Media Center - Is anyone there?

    I am using the option under Movies->Movie guide which looks ahead to see which films are coming up (I am using a free terrestrial connection) and gives you details so you can decide if you want to record or not. 

    The genres that are listed here are:

    Film Short
    Other Films

    I would be happy with 'Suspense' but it isn't there either!

  • Windows Media Center - Is anyone there?

    @W3bbo:I cannot see the same set of genre metadata in WMP - I suspect that Microsoft gets its Media Center metadata for Movie genres (film descriptions, artwork etc) from a third party 'under the covers'.  I just find it really wierd that 'Thriller' is not one of the dfeault genres?

    Dvblink looks interseting but talks about using Microsoft own metadata so not sure it will change the existing Media Center Movie genres?

  • So who is the //build conference for?

    @joechung:  Absolutely but I (and others) were / are hoping that our bread and butter dev could be done using Silverlight/WPF - from a dev perspective they just have less legacy and represent a development platform based on a more up to date view of the web.   

    HTML5 just feels to me like we are shoe horning something to fit for the sake of a common platform.

  • Windows Media Center - Is anyone there?

    I love Windows Media Centre and could easily bang on about the many great features it has but one thing has always bugged me.

    I love the fact that I can browse through film posters and descroptions of upcoming movies on any of the channels I have.  I love the fact that I can browse them by genre ...

    BUT ..

    Why is there no category for thrillers (probably my favourite genre) ?

    BTW Please don't anyone respond by telling me that thriller isn't a genre - I just want to be able to view any upcoming 'thrillers' so that I can decide if I want to record them or not.

    Also don't anybody dare post about how they don't need to record stuff because their timeslip cable company allows them to view past films on demand  (we don't have cable in the sticks).

  • How can an 'Indie developer' market their products?

    Update:  I have submitted a first draft of the chapter but would like to include examples of other peoples apps (at the moment all the examples are my own).

    If anyone* has used one of the ideas and is happy to share then please let me know  (think of it as a  free marketing opportunity for your own app!)



    PS All the BLOG posts relating to this can be found here:


    * By anyone I really mean indie devs.

  • So who is the //build conference for?

    ,TomboRombo wrote

    I do not think silverlight or .NET WPF is going away because of HTML5.  The world is much bigger than your little brains. 

    I don't think anyone believes they are going anywhere but in the family of Microsoft Devtech their status has been maligned.