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Ian Walker Ian2 In geeks we trust ...
  • XBOX 360 3D option!



    As early as next week?


    Remember 3D haters - this is an option, it isn't compulsory ...

  • Windows Phone Apps to run on Windows 8?

    Interesting opinion on what Win 8 is from Beta News:


  • Windows Phone Apps to run on Windows 8?

    @Bas:Agreed, though maybe a recompile by devs to Jupiter using higher res assets ...

  • Windows Phone Apps to run on Windows 8?

    How about this:


    Personally I would want this kind of app to be 'bigger' on a tablet-  so upsizing  could work quite well?

  • Windows Phone Apps to run on Windows 8?

    The CEO of NVIDIA thinks so:


    I suspect there might be some nifty footwork involving Jupiter but with many Apps using one of the Panoramic style interfaces the difference in form factor might not be that much of a problem ...

    30,000+ Apps would be a nice start for a new Arm based tablet platform and would certainly give a boost to existing wp7 developers. 

    And then there's HTML5 ...  Hmmmmmmm.

  • What will you use your Windows 8 Tablet for?

    Wp7 apps on Win8?  here's someone who might know talking ..


  • What will you use your Windows 8 Tablet for?

    @AdamSpeight2008:Sweet idea - but I want to be able to kick off actions on other devices as well as the tablet.  Could be a great enabler for the future.  We probably need some kind of lexicon of all kinds of functionality as a starting point (ie every possible action type is catalogued and standardised). 

    On/Off would be a good start though.

  • What will you use your Windows 8 Tablet for?

    We have a tablet that sits in our lounge and for the most part is used for browsing the Internet while watching / half watching the TV.  (Previously to this we had a netbook in the lounge but this was only barely tollerted by my wife).  So the 7" Samsung Tab has just been recently ousted by the Touchpad, both are good devices but also both are lacking.  (I have resisted the urge to buy an iPad).

    Here are my thoughts (noting that this is not well thought out - just a brain dump of now)

    I want to control the TV in a really interactive way that integrates the following:

    • I want a basic/full featured remote
    • TV listings that enable me to select the channel I am watching now and also mark things for recording  in the future (or tag anything from the past that I've missed
    • I want my own personal channel - I want to be able to select TV programs that only I want to watch along with anything from the Internet that I also want to watch in the future (channel 9 videos/ YouTube, Pluralsight, Movie Trailers etc.as well as my own 'home videos' which sit on my network somewhere.  (I want this all presented to me in a standard manner regardless of it's source)
    • I want my own personal channel of 'auto reccomended watching' based on what I have watched previously and my searches in BING/Google..
    • I want more 3d programs (I have a 3D TV after all)

    At any time that I am using the Tablet I want to be able to turn to my family and say 'take a look at this' and with a flick of the wrist, fire it onto the family TV (I still retain controlof what I am doing via the tablet).  The TV programming will automatically pause/resume when I do this.

    I want all my devices to operate a single appointment and reminder system.

    I want to be able to play XBOX/PS3 games on the tablet (anything on my XBOX is available on my tablet)

    I want to be able to monitor and control my house from my tablet:

       Central Heating
       Lighting etc
       My availability (for phone/social networks etc). 
       Start / warm up the car for me in the winter

    Wherever practical I want to be able to use all my existing Windows Apps - although what I really want is 'touch optimised' versions (as opposed to just 'touch enabled')

    I also want all my favourite Windows Phone apps (optimised for the tablet)

    I want my tablet to be able to report on my (and my families) personal health.

    I want to be able to read magazines & books on my tablet.

    I want to be able to select any music for playing locally or elsewhere in my home

    I want my tablet to maintain stock of food (and regular household purchases) and allow me to replenish automatically and manually.

    I want to be able to manage my money with my tablet to comunicate with my bank and be smarter about knowing where I have spent my money (RFID / Barcode monitoring?)


    OK, so not all easy things to achieve and many relying on other systems and standards that don't exist yet.  Ho Hum.

  • Insight Technology Show - Manchester

    Bit far for me. Are the keynotes streamed? This one looks interesting ...

    Keynote 1:    Everything is Changing...the forecast is Cloudy!
    Presenter: James Akrigg (Head of Technology, Microsoft) To read more about James, click here.
    Timings:    12.00 – 12.45
    Keynote Overview:
    This session will look at the changing world of technology from a Microsoft perspective. Aiming to make sense of the rapid changing world of devices, software and cloud technologies.  See the latest technologies from Microsoft in this fast paced session that will feature live demonstrations of technology for businesses large or small, today and for the future.
    Please join Microsoft's Keynote, to see James (Head of Technology) present Microsoft's latest Cloud Services including Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online and a sneak preview of Windows Intune v2.


  • Language Filter Issue?

    http://channel9.msdn.com/Browse is showing me foreign content event though i have the language filter set to English.  the top article this morning is http://channel9.msdn.com/Series/Kurs-aplikacji-web-od-podstaw/Jak-stworzy-rne-wersje-jzykowe-strony--Kurs-aplikacji-web-cz-10