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Ian Walker Ian2 In geeks we trust ...
  • Xamarin "Hello World"

    I think I might be prepared to shoot myself.  Xamarin Evolve looks to have a whole track dedicated to new users - hoping that the videos will end up on Channel 9*?


    * Largely on the basis that I can never have enough people telling me how to do something

  • 10 device limit for installing Apps

    Does anyone else find this limiting?  I know it sounds ridiculous but when I see the list of my 10 existing devices, one of which I must sacrifice for my 'new device' I find it really tough to make a decision.

    Prepared to accept the argument that my housekeeping is poor but I would prefer a dozen or perhaps 15 devices?

  • Xamarin "Hello World"

    So today may well be the day when I end up with a 'hello World' on Windows, Android and iPhone.

    There is a wealth of existing information about Xamarin from both Xamarin themselves and also Microsoft (not the least of which is on Ch9) - but I am wondering if a trick has been missed?

    I am guessing there is also a wealth of new developers joining the existing ranks as a result of the reduced cost of development following Microsoft's Build announcement.

    Not one for duplication but I would have liked to have seen perhaps a new show or set of videos specifically targeting this new group of developers?


    BTW Anyone here attending Xamarin Evolve next week?

  • Real Programmers write their own tools ... ?

    I usually find that nowadays someone else has already saved me the trouble (and probably done a better job than I)

  • Your Oldest Windows 10 Device?

    With Windows 10 giving devices a new lease of life I wondered how many old devices are out there?

    MacBook Core2 Duo from 2006 still doing service (ironic that it is too old to run the latest Mac O/S)

  • BOT Wars

    So the lead item on the BBC this morning was Facebook unveiling Bots to the world.

    And do I hear a collective SIGH?

    It looks as though we are going to have to endure another round of Software Wars / BOT Wars:

    Facebook vs Microsoft vs Google vd Apple vs ????

    Role on standards and ratification (and I never thought I would say that)

    It's going to be funny watching a BOT from one Company talking to a BOT from another company - although this is perfectly valid I guess but my fear is that we get to the same situation as we have with App development (Android vs IOS vs Microsoft vs ???).  We don't have a winner there yet and how long has that war been going on?

    Sure I hope that Xamarin gains traction but why did it have to be that way and why did it have to take so long?

    Is there an enlightened solution? 

  • on VC-2015(​Community) & Simulation Hypothesis

    Difficult it is.

  • Delete me please

    @figuerres:I wish to respawn ;)

  • Channel 9 app for the Anniversary Update

    Would like to see a bot as well to answer questions about all aspects of Channel 9 and a VR version (of course).



    Better get started now then .... ;)

  • Delete me please

    Delete me please