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Ion Todirel Ion Todirel buuu
  • Joe Duffy says: big year head, stay tuned

    Thanks for sharing that, seems like what he's saying has to deal with a superior design of the whatever software component he was talking about. It's not uncommon to hear claims that X is doing B faster than Y with A, without making an architectural comparison between A and B, when B is fresh and designed from scratch, while A is old and been around for years. Such kind of comparison don't make sense, and it's not always attributes of X or Y, but of A and B.

  • Joe Duffy says: big year head, stay tuned

    , felix9 wrote

    .NET Micro Framework team shared some info about a new AOT compiler,very interesting, not sure if relaed though


    Joe Duffy hinted that its the AOT part of LLILC

    beat the pants off any native code? that makes no sense

  • Lets talk about USB3 TypeC

    whatever the name of that shape is

  • Lets talk about USB3 TypeC

    TypeC is cylindrical, it feels flimsy and imprecise to attach, Apple's iPhone 6 connector is more usable and user friendly as a port 

  • Malware in GTA5 mod made with C# (maybe) & workstation ​virtualizat​ion

    would be nice if you could run only the sensitive parts in a sandbox, but that not be necessary, you could obfuscate and protect your sensible memory space

    pretty sure anti virus software doesn't do this, but would be cool when analysing malware, to kick off a VM, run the malware there, and analyze the results it has on the VM, you can start as many VM as you need

  • What have you used C# stackalloc for?

    , androidi wrote

    I was just wondering about the gains had by doing this (I use c# so I can avoid having unsafe things in my networking stuff - didn't really expect it in something that could parse hostile input but maybe the gains justify it IDK). & No clue on what caused that one instance one slow step. It just made me look into it for sign of network code (which would've been surprising had I found any).



    unsafe things? you meant the safe, predictable things all of .NET is built onto?

  • new info around Midori team

    , tivadj wrote

    I am waiting to see how "a new language" fits C++/D/Rust family.


  • C# 7.0 may bring some M# goodness

    , androidi wrote

    Would be nice to get some summary document of what kind of lessons were learned with code samples too.

    Much nicerer-er would of course be to have a home router that runs OS that has minimal amount of unsafe language in it. (Using a tool for C++ that removed unsafe code wouldn't be quite the same because the libraries/runtimes etc  C++ developers use would then also need to be handled with the tool - and I personally would have easier time from figuring out whether managed C# executable had unsafe code than what comes out of a C++ compiler - so from end user pov, if it's security and not bleeding edge performance that is the selling point, product made with safe language with binaries can be inspected through reflection seems much more interesting - even better than open source - because as an end user I don't know if the C/C++ source the vendor published matches (esp. after fw updates) what's on the device and it's much easier to download .exes from a router and run a tool that looks up for unsafe code in the C# exes than to compile everything a router needs from source and deploy + keep things up to date with source)

    MS ought to start making home networking equipment with safe OS and reflectable code me thinks. And market those points so hard that even mom & pa knows difference between C++ and C# compiled output. The industry has gone insane if they think anyone wants "internet of things" that has C/C++ code in it that end user can't peek into after compilation.

    Are there any true "windows only shops" that don't have any gear with *nix in the company? I found out my 15" OLED TV runs *nix so I can't say that unfortunately. Good thing it doesn't have a network interface of any kind.

    I've heard C# is excellent for LOB apps, unless the GC is ditched and semantics are introduced for value types as first class and constructors/destructors at the very least, not even native compilation would be all that useful to help C# reach into other domains <rant />

  • Xbox One vs Xbox 360 vs PS4

    , spivonious wrote


    That would have been fantastic. At least include an ATSC tuner (we just use the antenna at our house).

    yep, I dreamed about the same, what's it doing instead is sort of a hack, oh well, cable will go away, eventually being replaced by online streaming anyway, it's a transitional period

  • Xbox One vs Xbox 360 vs PS4

    I got myself a PS4 personally because I liked the software and hardware better than what's on XBOX ONE, right now there are not many titles that would specifically make me to want one console over the other, I will probably get an XBOX ONE for Christmas to play the Master Chief collection on. If there is a specific title(s) you want, you should go with the console that has them, if the titles are the same, go with the console that is more attractive to you, for me it was the PS4.