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Ion Todirel Ion Todirel buuu
  • Games Future: Dedicated Consoles or PC/Mac?

    I don't know, what do you think?. 

    I play games only on PC i don't have a console, even if they are relatively cheap. (enyone know how many games are released on consoles (xBox/PS ...) vs. PC?) In what direction this is going?

  • The Poll Sugestion

    Charles wrote:
    Write the poll choices for this and I'll make it an official poll...
    can you put a track bar? (min value = 4, 'max' value = 12 and max value = more than above) if not then just < 6, 6-8, > 8

  • The Poll Sugestion

    littleguru wrote:
    Manip wrote: How many hours can I sleep? 8-9hours... How many hours do I sleep? 6-7hours.

    from 4 to > 13 - it varies. It also depents on how much time i have for my favourite hobby...
    what is your favorite hobby?

  • The Poll Sugestion

    Manip wrote:
    How many hours can I sleep? 8-9hours... How many hours do I sleep? 6-7hours.
     many is the right word. If you working 20h how many hours can you sleep Manip?

  • The Poll Sugestion


    how much many hours do you sleep? (me 6-7), and when? (i'm a student so is obiously when, but in weekend not).

  • Apple's beauty inside

    just asking, in image posted by Minh: CPU, GPU and chipset? or what?

    EDIT: right chip looks like a Intel CPU.

  • 5381 is out

    SlackmasterK wrote:
    Odd, I've never been able to fit >4.36GB into a DVD-R or +R.  Must be a difference in how we all measure file sizes.
    i can write overburning DVDs (TDK) with 4.48GiB (and even 4.5), so i guess that depends on your drive (and disk), what drive do you have?

  • [OT] An electric vehicle that can kick butt at 0 to 60.

    Sven Groot wrote:
    I thought we'd already agreed that electric cars are pretty much just as bad for the environment as gas powered cars. Plus, most people couldn't care less about their car's acceleration. What matters with an electric car is how far you can go before having to recharge.

    EDIT: I also find it highly conspicuous that the article doesn't mention exactly how fast this car does 0-to-60 (that or I'm just blind and can't find it).
    but, if you use energy to recharge from a nuclear station?

  • Needs weapons training

    DoomBringer wrote:
    The AK47 is semi and full only, I think.
    yes, you are right, i used AK-47, very nice gun.

  • Consolas font....do we like it?

    My CRT (Samsung SyncMaster 757nf) is aperture-grill based. Take a look, before:




    I tried Microsofts Cleartype Tuner, but this tuning make all text in the system blurry. It's just bad for me. Is any way to fix ...