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Ion Todirel Ion Todirel buuu
  • C# + C++ = C#+

    language interoperatibility, security, productivity.

  • C# + C++ = C#+

    so, again what do you think, will be cool right?

  • C# + C++ = C#+

    like this:

    [Language("Assambler", Source="C:/Temp/rwq234.asm")]
    [access modifier] static extern type MethodName(type1 arg1, type2 arg2, ...);

    ya, will be fun

  • ASP .NET Web Controls?

    Web Services, Windows & Web Forms, Data Access and IIS. I don't know, right now ASP .NET basics, after that Web Services and Data Access.

    What good books do you know about Web Services, SOAP and WSDL?

  • Anyone ever thought about writing a book?

    do you like animation? Megas XLR, Appleseed and so on?

  • Ultimate gadget?

    hmmm, well you can use a tablet (movies, games, programming, books ... for almost evrything)/origamis, a PDA (music, phone, camera, video), and a smartphone (phone, ...). I would go for a tablet, PDA/smartphone.  

  • ASP .NET Web Controls?

    guys some books sugestions? (easy to "digest") i have:

    - Apress - Pro ASP.NET 2.0 in C# 2005
    - Apress - Expert ASP.NET 2.0, Advanced Application Design
    - MS Press - Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0
    - Wrox - Professional ASP.NET 2.0
    - Addison Wesley - Essential ASP.NET with Examples in C#
    - Syngress - C#.NET Web Developer's Guide

  • ASP .NET Web Controls?

    thanks blowdart, very usefull article

  • ASP .NET Web Controls?

    [I'm new to ASP .NET]
    what the difference between HTML Controls and Web Controls:

    <input type="submit" name="Button1" value="Button1" id = "Button1"/> 

    is eq. with:

    <% Button1.Text = "Button1"; %> <!-- C# code -->
    <asp:Button ID="Button1" Text="" runat="server"/>

    so question is how/who render/converts this asp/C# (or aspx pages in HTML) code in HTML (all controls inherits WebControl that has a method: RenderControl, this method is used to render...?) when client request page that contains this button.

    And what is a ASP .NET Web Control (how is inside, html code? or something?), what is difference between it and a System.Windows.Forms Control (besides GDI+). And what exactly happens when client request a ASP .NET page. (i know only about compilation and JIT + cache?, happens something else?)

  • Copy a music CD & you're funding terrorism

    they are crazy