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Ion Todirel Ion Todirel buuu
  • Windows Vista 5361

    Nitz Walsh wrote:
    Still looks hideous IMO. Absolutely no consistency; bright green, bright blue, transparency so a poor desktop wallpaper choice ruins the whole thing. Those WinHec mock-ups look far, far better. I'm afraid based on what I've seen so far that MS still just "doesn't get it". Hell, this is the same team that worked hard to actually keep Luna under wraps until the release, as if they were actually proud of it some reason and didn't want Apple stealing it. Please! The same ridiculous day-go blue & green colour scheme is now present in Vista. Performance is still a dog, hopefully that will (drastically) improve post beta2. I really wonder if those who are impressed by this build have ever sat down at OSX 10.4 for more than 10 minutes? I just don't get it
    why you don't provide some images with OS X 10.4? at least 15-20.

  • Emotional Software

    "Emotional machines (EMs) are machines (software or hardware) those internal structure or behavior is inspired by ideas of emotion." from http://www.emotionalmachines.com/

    samples: programs within matrix (The Matrix) Smiley why Charles?

  • C# + C++ = C#+

    imagine... for game developers, for stuff that you can't do in C# will be fun.

  • Going to get a small server

    what else to buy with a server? UPS?

  • C# + C++ = C#+

    im not saying that Microsoft should add this extension to C#, i just want to do this for fun.

    yes you can use P/Invoke - COM Interop, but will be more fun if you can do this:

    int a = 7;

    cppcode <a vara>
        void Test()
            cout << vara;
            vara = 6;


    now a = 6.

    inteaction between code in diferent languages will be amazing at this level.

  • C# + C++ = C#+

    I have a idea,  a new extension to C# to embeding (C#+ C++ compiler output = mixed assemblies) C or C++ code like this:


    static void Main()

            #include <stdio.h>

            void main()
                printf("%s", "Hello World");


    what do you think? why Turbo Pascal and C++ can have embedded asm code but C# can't?

  • Windows Vista 5361

    very nice, gadgets, media center are looking cool, better and better etc.

    i still don't like explorer, adress/search is fine, but folders tree and that arbitrary list, or maybe just need to try and see. WMP?, that view method (cover art + some info right on it, and then again same info on right under separate columns) is customizable? iTunes is still better, but i prefer winamp for listening music, iTunes only to sync my nano, and WMP for movies. Hope they make some change to MMC.

  • the first things you do after a new install of Windows are...

    - win configuration (look&feel) ...
    - install drivers + windows update
    - install software

  • How many hours do you spend infront of a computer screen?

    Angus wrote:
    On a weekday when I have to go to school it is usually 5 - 6 hours per day; at the weekend that can go from anything from 10 hours to over 24 hours, this depends on what I am doing.

    Angus Higgins
    exactly same Smiley

  • hahaha, sad (Visual Studio 2005 strange behavior)

    PeterF wrote:
    Good find, I hope you have better luck in trying to get zero bugs in your "Spartacus XR001 (What's New Reader)" application.

    I hope you will eventually find a suitable workaround so you can continue developing your application.


    hey, don't look at subject, i don't know why i choose it, i love Visual Studio, its all what i need in my work, i just don't understand if that is a bug or not, its not seriously but is something.