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Ion Todirel Ion Todirel buuu
  • Emotional Software

    "Emotional machines (EMs) are machines (software or hardware) those internal structure or behavior is inspired by ideas of emotion." from http://www.emotionalmachines.com/

    samples: programs within matrix (The Matrix) Smiley why Charles?

  • C# + C++ = C#+

    imagine... for game developers, for stuff that you can't do in C# will be fun.

  • Going to get a small server

    what else to buy with a server? UPS?

  • C# + C++ = C#+

    im not saying that Microsoft should add this extension to C#, i just want to do this for fun.

    yes you can use P/Invoke - COM Interop, but will be more fun if you can do this:

    int a = 7;

    cppcode <a vara>
        void Test()
            cout << vara;
            vara = 6;


    now a = 6.

    inteaction between code in diferent languages will be amazing at this level.

  • C# + C++ = C#+

    I have a idea,  a new extension to C# to embeding (C#+ C++ compiler output = mixed assemblies) C or C++ code like this:


    static void Main()

            #include <stdio.h>

            void main()
                printf("%s", "Hello World");


    what do you think? why Turbo Pascal and C++ can have embedded asm code but C# can't?

  • Windows Vista 5361

    very nice, gadgets, media center are looking cool, better and better etc.

    i still don't like explorer, adress/search is fine, but folders tree and that arbitrary list, or maybe just need to try and see. WMP?, that view method (cover art + some info right on it, and then again same info on right under separate columns) is customizable? iTunes is still better, but i prefer winamp for listening music, iTunes only to sync my nano, and WMP for movies. Hope they make some change to MMC.

  • the first things you do after a new install of Windows are...

    - win configuration (look&feel) ...
    - install drivers + windows update
    - install software

  • How many hours do you spend infront of a computer screen?

    Angus wrote:
    On a weekday when I have to go to school it is usually 5 - 6 hours per day; at the weekend that can go from anything from 10 hours to over 24 hours, this depends on what I am doing.

    Angus Higgins
    exactly same Smiley

  • hahaha, sad (Visual Studio 2005 strange behavior)

    PeterF wrote:
    Good find, I hope you have better luck in trying to get zero bugs in your "Spartacus XR001 (What's New Reader)" application.

    I hope you will eventually find a suitable workaround so you can continue developing your application.


    hey, don't look at subject, i don't know why i choose it, i love Visual Studio, its all what i need in my work, i just don't understand if that is a bug or not, its not seriously but is something.

  • What if i were in place of Bill Gates?

    i would... hard even to think, 

    - build a secret lab to test and develop new hardware for "our" software.
    - create new research centers.
    - leave mouse/keyboard manufacturing line.
    - make MS Press books, and other learning resources available for "free free" for students that are working with MS Tech.
    - more feedback from customers.
    - new quality standards
    - a interview with Anders Hejlsberg Smiley
    - more multimedia/contracts with ~, more game studios/games
    - make some donations (from MS) to schools
    - keep doing what i'm doing (if i am Bill Gates), improving software, make a better world