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Ion Todirel Ion Todirel buuu
  • IDEs


  • IDEs

    i that that coders means o person that implements algorithms in a programming language.

  • IDEs

    why you use coder instead of programmer sience is the same?

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    Cîţi romîni sînt pe C9? sau cel puţin cîiţi înţeleg limba?

  • IDEs

    martin_lovick wrote:
    i know that....REAL coders dont need IDEs !

    that said, VS2003 is good if you need to learn C# quickly
    if you want to be productive you will use an IDE, and some other tools (some times an IDE is not enought). Programming (to be a real coder programmer) does't depends on what tools/languages are you using or if you use a compiler/linker and write code in notepad or an IDE, if you have good memory you can program without IntelliSense.

    And what is a real coder?

  • 9 Guy Makes Fortune

    leighsword wrote:
    I do find tons of problems with electricity.
    like what? (i understand phones, CRTs, bad chair, bad typing etc.) if you have a 10KW power source, 100 HDDs at 15K in the same room maybe.
    leighsword wrote:
    Do asked why the important files of Chinese Military never be an electronic document? it's all about security.
    bad comparaison. Your chinese military ever heard about TabletPC? How you secure a non electronic doc, lock him? Smiley

    leighsword wrote:
    ... with low education who is not good at handwriting
    what is relation between low education and bad handwriting?

    maybe because your country don't have enought tehnology? (military)

  • 9 Guy Makes Fortune

    scobleizer wrote:
    To get a Nine Guy, just send me a postcard. I'm a bit behind, but about to send another batch out:

    Robert Scoble
    c/o Channel 9
    1 Microsoft Way 18/2439
    Redmond, WA 98052

    i'm from Europe, can i get a C9 guy?

  • IDEs


    i want to figure out who is the best IDE in their area (Web Services, Desktop App, Web Sites, Components Design, UML Support, Tools Supports (extensibility) etc.), on different OSs and some of their features. My favorite is: 

    Microsoft (use vendor name!) Visual Studio 2005 (here i love support for Web Services, Visual Designer, not so much coding support (Code Rush, Resharper is still better)), bad at extensibility, for Windows i think is one of the best.

    Borland C++ BuilderX, cross platform, support for multiple compilers (great support for switching compilers). Some refractoring. UML support = zero without Together.

    IBM? Eclipse, slow, really slow, great support for refractoring and extensibility, cross platform, visual designer = bad or at least < VS, UML support = good.

    what IDE are you using? why? what others do you know? please help.
    EDIT: and what tools do you use? i use Together for UML Support (in VS 2003, sometimes Visio but i hate it, sometimes EA, don't know what to use in VS2005), Refractor Pro, Code Rush, Visual SourceSafe (and Merant PVCS), NUnit, Reflector, WiX, sometimes Borland Optimizeit, InstallShield Developer, Virtual PC, and some other tools.

    P.S. Please response to all questions.

    EDIT II: I use Visual Studio 2005 Professional

  • New name for Linux?

    useless (renaming) still ...

  • when ID3 is not enought

    andokai wrote:
    Disk number?
    You can but, disk # exist only if you have albums that contains more that 20 tracks, so it's split on 2-3-4 disks, it's not a logical split.