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Ion Todirel Ion Todirel buuu
  • please help a newb at Windows Media Player

    coder316 wrote:
    get the playlist, including META data (mainly artist and song name), when each song starts/stops playing and in real time send all of that to another app running in the background.

    check this out.

  • .NET Framework not required?

    do you know other linkers? $1000 for a linker :O

  • .NET Framework not required?

    W3bbo wrote:
    CLR depends on the BCL..


    EDIT: ye sorry i forget about CTS and CLS.

  • .NET Framework not required?

    so, what i need is to understand this dependence and so on.

  • .NET Framework not required?


    how can i run .NET apps without .NET installed?

    or in other words, how can i use mscorjit.dll, mscorwks.dll, mscorwks.dll and some other dlls, depends on (my app) what components my app is using (ex: if is a win forms app then System.Windows.Forms.dll is required, but not only) from BCL?

  • Who has the biggest ripped cd and dvd collection here?

    like i said here i have 2x120G SATA drives, 7200: 40G (+50 unsorted) of Music and "some" movies.

    Angus wrote:
    I have a very organised system; for music for instance, I have this sort of organisation scheme:

    \Music\<Artist Name>\<Artist Name> + "Tracks"\

    and if there are a few pictures of the aritst I have this:

    \Music\<Artist Name>\<Artist Name> + "Pictures"\

    Every track is properly named and has the correct information; that was the part that took hours to do.
    Angus Higgins

    I have too, a very organised system. I keep all my media (music/movies/photos) in a 140G partition named "Media" Smiley Here  i have separate folders for "Music", "Movies" and "Pictures".

    for music i use this sheme, and i think is the best:

    Music\Metadata\ i store here some xmls about music and:

        Music\Metadata\Band Photos\

    Artist> (all pictures are named by artist in that photo)

        Music\Metadata\Cover Art\

            <Album Name> (same like Artist)


        <Genre>\<Style>\<Artist> - <Album Name>\ (albums
        folders have special icons), and here tracks with this scheme:
            <Track#>. <Artist> - <Song>      


        <Artist Name>\Songs\, here songs with:
            <Artist Name> - <Song>

        <Genre>\<Artist> - <Clip>, for 3 or more clips by same artist i
        create a separate folder with a special icon.


       <Genre>\<Artist> - <Song>

    I don't use ID3 tags they are so limited and slow, i use info from xmls (designed by me) inside Metadata folder, also designed a app that read it and displays in a very nice format, something between iTunes an WMP. Metadata stored in xml are permamently updated using a Win Service that read ID3 tags.

    Also when i write CD/DVDs i also write a small chunk of data on it, folders with Cover Arts and Band Photos and a xml decument that describe that data, so its so easy to identify a disc and play it with my app.

    SlackmasterK wrote:
    Very nice. About time someone topped me. Is this on your home rig as well? But, I still win in the quantity of 120's

    seams that i have some competition, not for long SlackmasterK.

  • What do you want from Vista?

    Hey Microsoft!, keep in mind that we, Windows users, want something from your OSs, so when you make a new OS think about features that we want in it, don't put in it some crap.

      - A New Window Option (like in IE)
      - New Design (MMC, My Computer, Explorer (remove that stupid search box from it, and add something really useful))
      - New Components in OS (.NET, Virtual PC, P2P Client (like eMule), )

    other sugestions?

  • Why not a new Notepad to Vista?

    how about new MMC, i don't like it at all, its so ugly.

  • I really really tried to spend money at the MSN Music store

    how about lala.com, i have an account but i'm from Europe (now they not have a service for europe). Here albums = 1$ and about 0.5 for shipping.

    EDIT: guys try audiofind.ru, if you IP is variable then you lucky.

  • Visual Studio 2005 / 2.0 Framework Posters

    what posters with VS 2003? in package? where can i find it?