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Ion Todirel Ion Todirel buuu
  • new MS compiler that convert .Net app to native app.

    , felix9 wrote

    I think games still need to deal with GC pauses, so, not too much Wink

    that, yeah, plus if you need all the cycles, something that "hides" things from you won't do, but some games might be able to deal with the latter

  • Is there no Microsoft Redmond Tour?

    , RanmaKei wrote

    @MasterPi:yeah that would have been a good idea. I met some friends that knew Microsoft employees(one worked in the xbox gaming division on the forza game and I met him), but the employee didnt offer to give a tour. He just mentioned that I could visit the visitor center. Perhaps it was because their team is busy getting ready for the xbox one launch.


    I did a quick walk around some of the campus and it looks pretty awesome, just couldn't go inside Sad


    you need better friends Tongue Out

  • xbox one and ​multi-​tasking.

    , magicalclick wrote

    That is disappointing because when no app is running or app running the in background, there is zero use for GPU, and yet, it is so greedy holding GPU resource and don't use it. I would at least implement reserved GPU for apps when it becomes visible. I hope the directors were smart enough to think about this. XBOX One hardware is already weaker. I think it is not too bad. But, only able to play game with portion of already weaker hardware just eerrrk. I hope this is not the case in actual product.

    a GPU it's not a general purpose CPU, you can't just throw it in there and say, hey app, use it, there are classes of problems where a GPU makes sense, when you usually dealt with it on a CPU, and even so there there's other concerns like I/O where that might make any theoretical benefits invalidated, but I get you

  • No mood to work

    I imagine your team is very, very small, and people do way beyond their responsibilities and role?

  • Free Book: TypeScript for C# Programmers

    that's right, only C++ programmers 

  • Easy Transfer Cable as Ethernet Adapter

    why bother, use a crossover cable?

  • 9

    , Charles wrote


    This was just the result of some reflection on time. Time doesn't have to be linear just because we humans measure experience in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years.

    I was thinking about Channel 9 - and time - when I posted this thread. It reoccurred to me, this special symmetry in 9.


    and for those of us that care: nanoseconds, microseconds, milliseconds Smiley

  • xbox one and ​multi-​tasking.

    my understanding is that no, the way multitasking works is by using three different execution environments and one for the games

  • Regarding Microsoft Kinect‏

    @nikhildahake: Kinect does not have the precision nor fidelity required for a FPS, but even if it had, it'd be rather unnatural to use it for that, it's good for other kinds of games thought. I sympathize with Carmack on this one Smiley

  • Is There a Need for a Free Windows Kernel?

    , giovanni wrote

    I recently purchased a couple of managed switches for our small office and I discovered with horror I had to configure them with a good old VT100! Lets just say that in a futuristic IT environment, I have a hard time appreciating the tool.

    As I am slowly learning PowerShell, I find it far superior to any Linux/UNIX shell (except for the terminal itself) I have been using; wouldn't it be great if it was available on network equipment? In other words: could Microsoft license for free the Windows kernel with some tools for use in such devices in a similar way as Microsoft supports the .NET Micro Framework?

    This might sound a little utopic, but in a world where Microsoft has to compete more and more with open and free software this would also have the advantage of letting people play with the OS and expand it further. It is undeniable that the availability of the Linux kernel is one of the main reasons it is so widely spread today and it is easy to find people with good expertise on it.

    Alternatively, would it be possible to port some of the tools like PowerShell to Linux? This would not have the advantage of spreading the OS, but it would probably be a good compromise to introduce people to the tool...

    Linux is awesome, and it's doing great, not sure a simple shell is any motivation whatsoever to justify such a shift, plus Linux is super modular and can run on anything including very low power hardware. SSH works fine, what problems are you having with it? Though I think it's pretty cool how the NT kernel runs on phone and desktop, and tablets. P.S. My personal opinion of course Smiley