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  • HTML5/CSS3 Boot Camp

    , jimfields3 wrote

    @Neil: @Pratik Kothari: @j_bak: @MasterRanger: The MIX11 staff announced that none of the Boot Camp sessions would be broadcasted or recorded. All those sessions were premium content one had to pay for and attend to get.

    It was a good session! Come to MIX12.  Wink

    Well, that's not a good news Sad

  • Design, Content, Code: Start-​to-Finish

    AFAIK it's a boot-camp, not a regular mix session. I don't know if they will be online (for example the Cloud boot camp was not recorded (that's what someone within the comments said).

  • Channel 9 Live at MIX10 – Who, What, Why, When and How!?

    Hi! Thx for doing that live streaming etc. It's great to be able to see the mix as it happens : )

    Q: What exactly will be available after the mix is over ? All the sessions from the conference (as it was with previous mix content) or only some selected keynotes or a few talks with the guru's from MS ; ) ?

    Q2: I wonder if the mix09 and previous ones are still available to see ?

    Q3: Are you going to let users download the recordings to see them offline ?


    thx and have a great mix week Smiley