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JChung2006 JChung2006
  • What's New for JScript in IE8?

    They probably filmed this ages ago before V8 and TraceMonkey were announced.
  • Building Channel 9: Inside EvNet - Part 1

    The behavior you guys were talking about where redundant requests to fill or refill a cache entry can cause severe performance degradation is called "dogpiling." Glad to hear that anti-dogpiling is in effect on 9!
  • This Week on C9: Christian "LittleGuru" Liensberger, VS 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

    Gotta love the 9'ers in 9 videos! Smiley
  • MVC Preview 4 with Phil Haack

    Good to see ASP.NET MVC talk on 9.  Time to go check out Preview 4.

    I thought ASP.NET MVC supported multiple view engines, not just ASP.NET, e.g., NHaml, NVelocity, XSLT, your own if you felt like building one.  Check out MVC-Contrib @ CodePlex for some community-driven, ASP.NET MVC-related projects.

  • C# 4.0: Meet the Design Team

    Great video, Charles!

    With regards to the dynamic typing-static typing dichotomy, it is not either-or.  It is not only-but also.  We want not only the affordances of dynamic typing but also the assurances of static typing.  Type inference sorta fakes us out into believing that it provides this, but it's still static typing, and there are limitations to that approach that cannot be worked around until changes to the type system are made.

    Java and C# have been around for a while, long enough to where people will grumble if you make too many changes to the language.  If it is impossible to make changes to the language without incurring "-1000" penalties, then maybe it's time for a new language (or perhaps an old one whose time hadn't quite yet come...) to step up and pave the way for programming language innovation.  Better ways of getting the job done is the goal.

  • C9 Bytes: Alex Turner showing the evolution of C#

    Another easy way to get black-on-white:  the COLOR command.  COLOR F0 will get you black on white.  COLOR /? for more details.

    Coincidentally, this video had an excellent demonstration of how IntelliSense can screw you up when you try to enter lambda expressions in C#.  When Alex tried to enter c => c.City == "London", IntelliSense "helpfully" suggested case even though it makes no sense to enter the case keyword at that point (he wasn't even in a switch statement).  I'm learning to hit Esc to cancel the IntelliSense, but I would prefer not having to do so.  Please fix this.
  • Dev Diary for April 15th

    I would rather see C9V4 live, not videos about making it.
  • Douglas Crockford, Alex Russell and Joseph Smarr: On the Past, Present and Future of JavaScript

    Great video!  I enjoyed listening to the perspectives of these JavaScript experts on the history, current state, and future of the world's most popular programming language.  I would have liked a little more technical discussion about the upcoming ECMAScript standard but enjoyable nonetheless!
  • Chris Wilson: Inside IE8 Beta 1 For Developers

    I installed IE8b1 and am loving it!  The new CSS and JavaScript debugging services in the IE Developer Toolbar are a killer app in my book!  Great job!
  • Scott Guthrie: Inside Silverlight 2 Beta 1

    CRPietschmann wrote:
    Hmm... For some reason I feel like drinking a Pepsi...

    Yeah, I wonder how much Pepsico paid for that product placement. Apple, on the other hand, got no love, hiding behind Scott's Macbook Pro's C9 decal. Wink

    Great video! I'm excited to learn more about Silverlight 2, particularly the DLR, Python, and Ruby.