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  • Alex Hinrichs and Jeff Woolsey: Announcing Windows Server 2008 RC0

    Charles wrote:
    JChung2006 wrote:
    I'll ask the obvious:  why not just call this RC1?

    Did you watch the video?

    I did.

    Software people tend to get silly when it comes to versioning things:  alpha, beta, CTP, RC0, version 0.041a-1.  You think that you're communicating useful semantic information with these obtuse, cryptic designations when a simple version 1, 2, 3, etc. would suffice.

    So again, why not just call this RC1?  Release Candidate means something to me.  1 means something to me.  0 means nothing to me in terms of versioning except perhaps a peculiar reluctance to commit to something being an actual release candidate, which is pretty much the opposite of what was said in the video.
  • Alex Hinrichs and Jeff Woolsey: Announcing Windows Server 2008 RC0

    I'll ask the obvious:  why not just call this RC1?
  • Patrick Dussud: Garbage Collection - Past, Present and Future

    JohnnyAwesome wrote:
    They wrote J Script in the time-span of several weekends? And he wrote that in Lisp and then rolled a C translator from scratch?

    There is a reason why I could not work at Redmond and that just about summarizes it.

    It's not that difficult, especially if you've done it before, like most people would have in any decent computer science graduate program.
  • S. Somasegar (Soma) and Scott Guthrie on Orcas Beta 2: What's in it?

    schroedl wrote:
    C++/CLI offers a somewhat painful approach to the .NET libraries.

    What's painful about the approach taken for C++/CLI and its interface with the .NET libraries?  This would be some good feedback to send to the C++/CLI and VS teams.
  • S. Somasegar (Soma) and Scott Guthrie on Orcas Beta 2: What's in it?

    Microsoft Document Explorer is the on-line help application that comes with Visual Studio.
  • Ellie Powers on Scrum

    The video description says Grace Francisco.
  • Conversation with Soma: Orcas Beta 1 and Beyond

    Re: Did you know you can write VS2003/2005 applications in Orcas?, You can't write .NET 1.1 (aka VS2003) applications in Orcas.  It supports .NET 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5.
  • Hansel​Minutes on 9 - #2 - Weapons and Debugging the .NET Runtime

    rhm wrote:
    I'd actually be gutted to have one of those cubes because it would mean that an idea I came up with was now locked up and nobody else, no other company or individual, could make use of that idea even if they had a better use for it than I did.

    Sure they could... if they licensed the technology from you.
  • Hansel​Minutes on 9 - #1 -

    Great video!  And, yes, shorter videos are excellent!

    I would love to see the developer who created the XmlDataSource answer Scott's question about namespaces.  Actually, I would love to hear that developer tell Scott that they intend to fix this oversight in the .NET 3.5 version of the XmlDataSource.

    Then I can retire my XSL template that strips namespaces off XML documents and forget that bloody hack (my XSLT, not your code -- I like the XmlDataSource) ever existed...

  • UAC - What. How. Why.

    Sorry, UAC stinks.  Yes, running as Admin and making yourself vulnerable to all sorts of nastiness stinks worse, but that doesn't make the stench of UAC any better.

    A big part of what makes UAC suck is the modal dialog box.  People filter out modal dialogs eventually and just click through them regardless of the messages.  The more they have to click through, the more they will.

    UAC is the boy who cried wolf.
  • Welcome to Vista Week - Michael Wallent: Windows Vista for Developers

    Make Visual Studio 2005 work right on Vista.

    Make RTM-quality extensions for WCF and WPF that work on Visual Studio 2005.

    Otherwise, expect a significant chunk of the Microsoft developer community to look at you sheepishly because they don't have budget to drop thousands of dollars on another Visual Studio edition less than two years after they did so for Visual Studio 2005.
  • Marina Polishchuk: VC++ QA - The best job in the biz

    Minh wrote:
    So, to QA a particular feature in the compiler, you must know that feature really well, right?

    White box testing.
    Minh wrote:
    Or knowing it well is actually a hinderance -- because you sorta gotta buy into that usage pattern.

    Black box testing.