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JChung2006 JChung2006
  • News to me...

    The linked article's title is "Is the web's love affair with PHP over?"  Maybe PHP isn't as popular or good as you think?

    I am not a big fan of PHP, because it can lead to nasty spaghetti-code style Web sites like ASP does.  It has its positive points though.

  • Monad Removed From Vista because of the virus threat

    DCMonkey wrote:


    Man, /. has really gone downhill. Yeah, I imagine most of you are wondering when it was ever uphill, but up until recently I still got some small joy out of it, even wading into the comments on occassion.

    This is as good an excuse as any to kick that habit.

    Agreed, though I would say that it started to hit the skids a while before "recently."

  • feel the love (on  slashdot?)

    Wells wrote:

    I just wonder if in 10 years time, when Microsoft still dominates the desktop market, when windows is still the best development platform, when IE is still the dominant browser... will the slashdot crowd *still* be flaiming them?

    I wouldn't be so hasty to make those kinds of predictions.  A lot can change in 10 years.

    10 years ago, many people were using Lotus 123 for Windows instead of Excel, WordPerfect instead of Word, dBase IV instead of Access, Netscape 2.0 was the dominant browser and IE was Spyglass's implementation of NCSA Mosaic, and Windows was not as nearly strong a development platform as you would think.

  • F-Secure: First Vista virus found

    The F-Secure article is crap.  Even the /. folks are ripping it apart.

  • Old and Discontinued Microsoft software

    Theoretically speaking, I wonder if someone could buy Microsoft and make everything MS has ever made (including current products) open source.

  • Trolls 1, Scoble 0?

    So, how do you change this? I have some ideas. But, they require you to put in the work. I blog every day from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. and on weekends. And that's after putting in a day's work doing a video blog for Microsoft and answering email and doing a bunch of networking.

    Scoble from a recent post in his blog.  Doing something everyday that much and often isn't good for you.  Nothing remains "fun" if you do it that much.

  • Internet Explorer is a Secure Browser Myth

    Security is a primary concern for the Internet Explorer team for version 7.  What else do you want from them?  Sheesh.

  • The only reason table-less layouts are bad.

    Cute comic. Smiley

    From what I have read, tables don't render well on phones and other small-screen devices.

    Tables are fine but many people used (abused) them in their attempts to control HTML layout by using fixed table column and row sizes to position items on a page.  This is a technique from the days before CSS was around.

    That is why CSS culture is hostile to tables.

  • IE7 breaks Office2003 research sidebar.

    Submit it as a bug if you care enough about the problem and uninstall IE7 off any machine you need to use the Office 2003 Research sidebar.

    This is why they don't recommend using beta software on production machines.

  • IE7 and CSS support

    Orbit86, if Apple gives you that much wood, why not go hang out with Apple developers?

    What do you expect people on a Microsoft forum (channel9.MSDN.com) to think of people like you who say they think Apple is better than Microsoft?

    For what it's worth, your Mac advocacy has no credibility.  That you haven't switched to Apple Mac OS X yet claim that it is a superior platform is indicative of your authority on the matter.

    At least I can comprehend people like beer28 who practice what they preach and use their platform of choice on a daily basis, but people like you defy reason.