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JChung2006 JChung2006
  • PDC Viral Video

    I don't get this video at all, but Tina rocks!

  • Google chrome? Maybe I was first? :o

    For doing absolutely nothing innovative with their browser, Google has sure gotten a lot of press about it.

  • Free Software Foundation turns 25 today

    Bas said:
    So, what have they achieved? Time for a retrospective, methinks.
    Every one of those 25 years was the year of the Linux desktop!

  • PSS just saved my A**

    ManipUni said:
    Are we meant to know who PSS are?
    PSS = Product Support Services.  Taunting you with another seemingly meaningless abbreviation:  GIYF.

  • Google Chrome, Google’s Open Source Browser Project

    JavaScript VM sounds mighty interesting to me.  Process per tab, meh; IE8's been there, done that.  What may be interesting to see is what happens if a company with a vested interest in promoting an open Web (read not Microsoft, not Adobe, not Apple) tried really hard to make it actually happen.  I'm also curious what Mozilla thinks about this new development.

  • "Near C Performance" w/ TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine

    I'm surprised that you didn't mention GWT or Script#.  GWT is more popular than Volta, Script#, and JSC combined.

    It isn't too hard to envision an optimizing JavaScript JIT compiler being able to optimize computationally intensive code with no I/O or DOM manipulation to C-level performance figures. These optimizations are largely (but not completely) irrelevant to Web programming. I don't really see people flocking to reimplement their performance-critical code in JavaScript. They should be focusing on speeding up the DOM and browser rendering stacks instead.

  • Finally reading a WPF book

    stevo_ said:
    Bas said:

    Ordered it, now I just need a good SL 2 book.. could be waiting until its released though.. my WCF book was great but it was written before RTM.. so some parts were ..innacurate.

    Should keep me busy while I'm on holiday Wink

    Laurence Moroney's Introducing Silverlight 2.0 book from MS Press is all right.  Amazon has a whole slew of 2.0 books that seem to be slated to be released on or shortly after Silverlight 2.0 RTW's, which makes sense.  No Silverlight 2 Unleashed though; Adam Nathan explained in the 1.0 book that he wasn't going to write any more. Sad

  • IE8 Acid 3 test

    Microsoft was not the first to crack the ACID 2 test. In fact, they're last among the major browsers. Apple was first (with Safari 2.0.2).

  • Vista explorer bugs: columns gone?

    stevo_ said:
    fknight said:
    1995 + 18 .. you realize its still 2008 right?
    He must be stuck in the Year of the Linux Desktop. Wink

  • Microsoft "upgrades" Windows XP's WGA

    "Our research has clearly shown that customers value the ability of Windows to alert them when they may have software that is not genuine..." I would like to see this "research," ROFLMAO.