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  • Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016: Nano Server

    "and easier remote management experience"

    LOL!!!! That was a joke right?  Been playing around with TP5 Nano for the past week and we've completely given up on it.  It's an absolute nightmare to admin and there's so many quirky things with it that it CAN'T do that we can't fit it into any of our current server scenarios.

  • Windows Live Mail Desktop beta

  • Windows Live Mail Desktop beta

    libertas83 wrote:

    I like that they are getting rid of File menus, but they need to make sure the items in the menus are put in the interface like I see in IE7 and WMP 11. I like the idea of toolbars becoming menus because it makes more sense, just make sure its complete.

    As for the many different email clients, it seems like they started working on WLMD too late to even be considered to replace Windows Mail. I imagine that they would have to delay Vista further to add it.

    The file menu is still accesible from a single drop down.  Unless they removed it completly?

    This is not going to replace Windows Mail.  This is an app in which you can choose to install or not.
  • Windows Live Mail Desktop beta

    Duncanma wrote:
    I agree completely, I've been trying to figure out how we could capture real screen output in a fairly simple fashion... we do it for when we are in studio (using some expensive piece of equipment), but doing it in any random office is something we haven't figured out.

    Expensive equipement?  They make a dongle that you put inline with the video out on your compy that gives you analog out ($150).  All you need to do is capture that analog out.  Granted the user can't run a super high resolution while doing this but it'll work.  We do it all the time with presentation videos.
  • Windows Live Mail Desktop beta

    Optic wrote:
    Hi JEmlay,

    What makes you say that?  My take on it is that WLMD is Windows Mail with Hotmail/WLM integration as you said.  However, that doesn't mean that a Windows ID is "forced" on everyone, does it?

    Yes it does.  When you launch WLMD it asks you for your Windows Live login.  Granted you can just set one up real quick and use that login but then never really use the Live services (for windows xp).  However in Vistas case why would you install WLMD over WM then never use the Live services?

    So, unless it's changed in the new build when you use WLMD you are forced to have a WL account.
  • Windows Live Mail Desktop beta

    keeron wrote:
    I am almost 75% into the video, and this hasn't been answered yet ...

    Just confused.. We have:

    The thing that confuses me is that we should only have:

    Windows Live Mail Desktop (or a better name)  for XP/Vista
    Microsoft Outlook (as part of the office system)
    Windows Live Mail (on the web)

    They answered it by stating it flat out instead of qualifying the question/answer first.  Think of WLMD as Windows Mail except it also has Windows Live integration.  If you forced WLMD on every desktop then you would also have to force the use of Windows Live on everyone as well.  If you do NOT have a Windows Live account then when you buy Vista you'll have a normal mail client called Windows Mail to use if wish to do so.  If you want to integrate all your Windows Live Services then you'll use WLMD instead.
  • Windows Live Mail Desktop beta

    The new search looks awesome!

    I noticed while discussing the backup/protection features you didn't mention the transactional log files.  Please tell me you got rid of them!!!  Because, that's the one main issue I have with WLMD and WM for that mater.  It seems to be apart of the core WM engine?

    Every time you open WLMD it creates a NEW 16MB transactional log file.  These files only go away when you reboot and/or compact the DB.  I have an email store with 90 emails in it (no attachments) and it's over 1GB in size because of these bazillion log files.  Our users here do not turn off their machines at night and giving the user CHOICE to compact (yes/cancel) is not an option either.  So when we start to deploy this app for those that want it it's going to be an issue.

    Is there a way to turn this log off?  Or have it tunicate on exit?  On load?

    Honestly I don't want 3 layers of protection.  If the DB can reconstruct itself on the fly I see no need for a backup.  If it takes a little while to reconstruct the DB then so be it.  How often will it happen anyway?  Our mail stores will run over the network and they get backed up to tape.  So data loss is not an issue for them.  So as long as that DB can reconstruct on the fly I don't need redundant data on the disc.  However even with that said I'm perfectly willing to deal with the DB backup especially since this app isn't intended for the way our users will eventually use it (over the network).  But please please please either let us turn off the logging or let us tunicate it on exit/load or just plain get rid of it!!!  Big Smile
    Awesome work guys!  This is truly shaping up to be an awesome app.  I showed this video to a few people that are Anti-WLMD (they just think it's dumb and pointless) and after seeing a preview of some of the new features they didn't have much to say afterward Cool
  • Windows Presentation Foundation - Everywhere?

    MikeHarsh wrote:
    JEmlay wrote: 

    Although I'm not sure how I feel about the continuation of distributing binaries across the iNet.

    Can you explain what you mean by this comment?

    The ActiveX control.  As it stands none of the 300+ users at my company would be able to install this control.  Thus your pages would break.  If this was something that was distributed with IE7 then problem solved.  You need to find alternative methods of distribution.  Which I believe you mentioned in the video that you guys where still thinking about that one.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation - Everywhere?

    Great info.  Looking forward to playing with this.  Although I'm not sure how I feel about the continuation of distributing binaries across the iNet.

    Side note: Why does the interviewer (whoever it is) insist on laughing INTO THE MIC?!?!?!?!  He does that on every single video.  I try to watch these videos at work and you have to crank up the volume just to hear the interviewees speaking then you need to leap for the volume every time that guy laughs.  QUIT YELLING INTO THE MIC!!!!!  Learn to work your equipment! Mad