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  • Karsten Januszewski and Tim Aidlin: Floating Freely in Flotzam

    I definetly thought that the video was about touch response.. since that vid cap is the classic resize pose.

    As far as it being an app for surface, I would think that in a bar.. as kind of an entertainment app, you could have the bar specify RSS feeds relevant to the particular place. For instance, a golf club house could have feeds off, ESPN, Tiger Woods myspace, etc.

    Interesting app.
  • Emre Kiciman: Reliable Computing for Large Scale Distributed Systems

    I have to say I agree very much with what Adenocard said. Reason being that every day software designers are faced with very significant issues, and occasionaly a pattern comes forward from multiple inputs to help determine the "right" way to approach a problem. This is not such a case.

    This video was titled incorrectly. Previous material, and I'm sorry common practices within distributed design are farther along than this video. I think that is all I really need to say. Sad
  • Manuel Clement - Sparkle CTP Released (er, Expression Interactive Designer)

    To the 9 team and the "sparkle" whatever you want to call it team... I am pleased so far.. yet.. this video was not a "WINFX Tutorial".. which is completly cool... Wink

    I have a few friends that are upset that Macromedia beat you guys to the punch.. what is your commitment to the MS crowd to accept WinFX and the interactive framework? Why are we still living on mock office UI's????? wtf?? MS Office is setting the pace yet again??

    I don't think MS has "earned" it yet.. but if you go forth to get the UI tools done... it will become a non-issue. Please accept that as a challenge. Rock on MS devs =)

    I will give you some actionble feedback soon.  =D

  • Kevin Schofield -- Tour of Microsoft Research's VIBE group (large ​screens/mul​tiple monitors)

    Very cool video.. glad to see some of the innovative forces behind the next gen MS UI products. MS has in some cases shocked the industry (ala optical mouse) and it is a great feather in yourn cap to continue that trend. Thanks for giving us an inside view on it.
  • Kam Vedbrat - What influenced the visual design of Longhorn?

    Good insight, and it is good to hear that MS is "thinking differently" Wink about how to design an interface. I've felt that the evolution of the interface for windows has been a little slower than it could be, but I suppose that is because for the most part the Win95 style controls did the job. Office controls have evolved but you don't see that look consistently across windows products. Apple has certainly held the lead in designing innovative and elegant interfaces/products.

    I think that there is danger in trying to stick to a trend, for the sake of user experience if there is room to improve the experience. Conversly, people don't care much for change, so I suppose if it was happening all the time that might be a little unnerving for some users.

    From what sneak peeks I've seen of the Aero interface, I can just say I am so excited about sitting in front of it. A mixture of elegant materials and hollywood rate imaging effects, is going to look so good on a wide format plasma display (if I start saving now.. maybe I can afford one when Longhorn goes gold ^_^ )
  • Euan Garden - What are the myths about SQL Server (Yukon) that you'd like to correct?

    I have to say I am happy to see someone from MS come out and speak the gospel. It is VERY important that we see MS produce tools that are written in managed code, and that when others attemp the same it is possible to achieve the same level of quality given the same level of effort. That my friend is a free market and I hope it works well for MS, because MS and any innovative company that produces platforms for developers, helps to drive technology forward.

    In addition to the competitive nature of it, MS implementing purely managed code tools will prove the legitimacy of many a developer. ANSI C has enjoyed it's status for a long time because multiple platforms have supported it, in an open standard. I see C# and the CLR capable of taking that same spotlight.

    *crowd roars*  =)
  • The 9 Guys - Who We Are

    Looks good.. I'm very happy to see MS using rich media, not just here but such as the .NET show and MSDN T.V. I will be interested in seeing if the community ends up needing any kind of democratic policing measures.. ala /. karma.