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  • The Access Show: Access 2010 demo of Access Services and web databases

    First off what a long time it took to finally get to the actual demo.  I see that Access is becoming more and more a part of sharepoint.  What a disapointment!!!!!!!!!!!  There are users and companies that are not able or willing to pay for the expensive sharepoint.  I find it funny how they are now making a big deal about the web functions when there were web functions in the 2002 and 2003 versions of access.  They were called Data Access Pages. Coding them required VB.net knowledge however there was a limited vb.net editor.  I will admit they were not perfect however at least they did not require a seperate package "called sharepoint".  Ever since the 2007 version they have forced people that wanted a web portal to have sharepoint setup.  I don't care for the changes to the macro setup.  I find it a dubed down version of coding editor.  Personally once you get beyond a few small steps such as record navigation the remaining shouldbe done with vb editor.

    If they really wanted to impress me here is a list

    Increase the size of the allowed database as indicated by others.

    If you can have a developer option to package a solution from access into a install cd as a runime event then you can code the option to package it as a webpage directly from access.  There is no reason I can think of to require it to go to sharepoint if all you are doing is creating a web bassed database.

    I know I will have more however I do not have the time to list them all now.