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    Warnie, I second your comment.   Carriers should not have any control over the update process.  The current update process really worry all the involved parties include end users and developers (the only exception is the carriers since they don't really care as long as they can sell other phones (android and iphone ...etc) and get more contracts).  

    Unlike Andriod phones which advance users maybe able to bypass the OEM and carriers to get their fixes/update with the helps of hacker communities like XDA-developers.  Current WP is so lock down that we sees little chance to do so.

    Based on the current update mess, lack of features (no even comparable to the good old WM6.5), and the lack of promised frequent fixes/update.  I see no light in having an fully working device for me for the upcoming 6 months.  I already decided to cut my lost, sell my Samsung Focus and switch to Android.  But I still wish MS would correct the current mistake and be competitivie to the mobile OS market.