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  • Inside Windows Phone #06: Panorama and Pivot are in the house! Woohoo!!

    dentaku, what do u mean by blurry. r u trying to read the code? 
    Will try to improve it for next round, please expand so we know where to improve it.


  • Graphics improvements in WPF 4

    Samples have been reposted. Simply re-download.  I included source for David's samples.  Tim still wanted to clean it up, but his app ran fine on vanilla beta2.  Will keep nagging him to share the shader.

  • .NET 4 Client Profile

    Hi vesuvius,

    Yes, Windows 7 comes with .NET 3.5 SP1. .NET 4 will work side-by-side, so it will leave your .NET 3.5 Sp1 alone.  From there on, you get .NET client profile + full as two skus.




  • Graphics improvements in WPF 4

    Hi folks.  I just re-tested on my machine and demos still work.

    Some thing must be wrong on my side (later build likely); let me get a clean beta2 machine again. Thanks for your patience. 



  • Graphics improvements in WPF 4

    Hi Sialivi,

    Agree that the screen captures are horrible.  Our hardware-based screen capture was broken and doing it in software did not work.

    If you are running  beta2, you can download the samples and see the benefits.   We will try to re-record the demo soon.



  • Multi-touch in WPF 4 Beta 1

    Hi Moemeka,


    To get it to work you set properties on the UIElements, for example, you can set the ManipulationMode="All" to listen to manipulation event and then listen to ManipulationDelta to handle the changes..


    On beta1, there is limited support for touch (no raw APIs)..  but manipultion is there and works OK.. If you need help, reach out to me for a sample.





  • An overview of WPF 4 Beta 1

    Unfortunately the tearing on XP has not changed.   That is more of an OS problem that we can't easily fix on .NET.
    The tearing does not happen on Vista or Win7.  I realize that does not help every one, just wanted to explain the problem is in lack of XP double buffering.  More details and best work aound are here: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/embeddedwindowsctp/thread/4189aeb8-042c-4ffb-8370-66a35e8d485e/

    Sorry if the answer is not what you wanted to hear.

  • An overview of WPF 4 Beta 1

    The XNA work is not going to make it into WPF4 (not in beta1, and not by RTM).

    Cheers, Jaime

  • XAML Guidelines, Part 2

    Hi Kaboo.
    the attributes are here. There is a small post on the topic here.

  • Lawson Smart Office brings WPF goodness to the enterprise

    To iparag,  ubiquity of the framework is happening.. All new Windows Vista Machines ship with full 3.0 ... and when windows update kicks in these will be updated to 3.5 SP1.  Same for machines running .NET 20 - the number there is fairly large already.

    For the new users, we have client profile.   I agree that it has been confusing this month, we released it early (before the tools and before windows update)..  Mea culpa there... [not mine personally, speaking on behalf of WPF team]..   The reason we released it was for developers to start testing/planning...    messy for a few weeks, but shortly all that will be over and Client profile will still be a 200K bootstrapper that can have a .NET app and running in < 10 mins and a 28 MB download.  so it should help...

    aL_ -- hear ya on install time..  We will continue to improve that as much as we can.. but there is a lot going on at install (GAC, NGEN, optimize, etc.. ) ..  we are working on it is all I can honestly say..

    vesuvius, great advise; we do hope to get more designers on C9 along the way..  keep nagging Adam about it.. I will do the same!

    [Jaime Rodriguez, new to C9, thanks to Adam for the pointer to the thread]..