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  • PJ Hough and others - First look at next version of Sharepoint

    I haven't watched the video yet (saving it for bedtime so I can dream in v3) but I was wondering if you have tackled the biggest problem my company has in using SharePoint for managing any real business data, relationality (is that a word?). Basically if we want to associate a product with a customer in a many-to-many association, we have to work outside the system. The entry forms, display and everything are perfect for our uses (as well as the web services), but until we can have data relationships that are as complex as most business data, all  the 'lists' remain isolated stovepipes of data reducing their usefulness dramatically.

    Anyhoo, just wondering (and hoping). We're about to craft an entirely new CMS system by hand because our existing one sucks, and if V3 supports this sort of data it would save us a lot of time (early adoption?).


    James White